Monday, October 08, 2007

Oh My Back! (Again)

Well, its 6am, been up since 5.15 and waved Jason down the drive.
Pitch black outside and just the hooting of the owl to disturb my writing!

I started digging up the lawn yesterday to try and design the back 'cottage style' garden. Boy, am I feeling it today!
My back has been dodgy since I hurt it on a flight in December. I haven't had any more physio for a few months but think I need to go back to her.

I'm not back to work until 16th October, so that gives me a few days to recover, but still have 3/4 of the garden to dig.

Jase decided to make scones yesterday. He remembered the sultanas, this time, but forgot the put any butter in the mixture! They are like rock cakes, but nice enough with butter on top. Just had 2 for breakfast! A delicious healthy snack to start the day! (well I needed to eat to take pain killers, so the scones are medicinal really. Ok! I had three and two cups of tea)!

Not too much to do today (yea right), so will go and get ready.

C x

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  1. thats so weird ! I spent all day gardening!

    WHat are you planning for a country cottage garden??? Thats what i want!

    Love L xxxx


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