Friday, August 31, 2007

Go Babs Go!

Its been a busy week. Desperate to get my hair cut, was beginning to look like Farah fawcett, so popped down to the barbers. On my way home I spotted the blackberries. Masses of them, ripe for the picking. I raced home and with purple tub trug in hand, I headed back to my secret bramble spot.
I picked about 4 pounds and stewed them straight away. Only a few minor cuts and stings from the brambles and stinging nettles.

Next was the damson and apple harvest from Susie's house! Jason shook the tree whilst Susie and I gathered up the fall. Screams of 'ouch' and 'oh my god' as they fell to the ground, bounching off our heads! Hard hats needed next time. We left Susie's with 8 pounds of damsoms and a bag full of apples. They too, have been stewed and drained, and are waiting for jamming!

The home made jelly bag holder ;0)

On Wednesday we visited Ikea in bristol, which was ok. Not too busy and we were in and out in a couple of hours. We only went for candles and coat hangers. £200 later we left with an office chair, shoe rack, towel box, pegs, jars (lovely kilner type) and wooden boxes. We did get the candles and hangers as well!

Yesterday I decided to make a batch of mincemeat ready for Christmas. Got a recipe that didn't need suet, so I gave it a go.
After an eternity simmering away on the hob, I now have several jars and it tastes fantastic!

Here is one finished and ready to give as a Christmas pressie

At the moment, a couple of pints of blackberry juice are bubbling away, ready for bramble jelly.
Still have several pints of damson juice to cook, but will see how time is later. I bought 24 jars from Lakeland a few weeks ago, looks like i might need some more.

BIG NEWS - Babs laid her first egg since Easter!!! It was there this afternoon, small, dark and speckley! Def a Babs egg. What a clever girl! She has been ill a lot since easter and the vet said she would never lay again. :0)

Ended up visiting Annie down the road and popped in on Susie. Got home and i'm shattered. Was up at 5 this morning. Have done lots today, but still more to do. Feasted on vege burgers for dinner and off to have a bath now. Back at work tomorrow for 5 days - boo!

Speak soon

C x


  1. Loving your jars!!!

    Must speak when your on the ground!

    Message me Mr!


  2. Lucky you getting all that fruit - and I making mincemeat to this weekend.

    I laughed at your jelly bag - is that one of your posing pouches?


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