Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Off to Cornwall!

After helping Annie with some drilling and going over to Susie's to drop off a sander, we went home and started packing for Cornwall. 3 1/2 hours later we arrived at the hotel, exhausted. Popped into Pizza Hut across the road and had dinner, then headed for bed. After several hours in the stinking heat of the room, I woke up to find jason on the floor, trying to escape the blistering heat. The small fan on the TV did little to help.
We got up and headed for Eden. It was really well organised and we were straight in and wandering around.

The place is truly HUGE! We headed off to the meditteranean biome first and then to the tropical. It was roasting inside (no surprise) with enormous banana plants and palm trees. We stopped for a snack under the link bridge between the two biomes and i noticed the veg garden interplanted with flowers.

Then the heavens opened! It was that horrible drizzly rain and we were wearing shorts/tshirts, no jacket or umbrella. Very well organised! We wandered around the veg garden and the outside gardens before heading to the shop. My favourite bit. A couple of bags heavier and ££££ lighter we went back to the car and headed back. The room was still stifling so we decided to drive home.

We got home late ish last night and found the girls out, as next door had let them free range for the day. Pleased to see that Babs was ok, as have been really worried about her for the past few weeks. She still wobbles about, isn't that interested in food but seems ok for now.

I decided to make apple jelly today!!!! I cut up a 1/3 of the apples from Susie and boiled them up with some cinnamon. Using the Jam pan from Jennifer and Vari (last years Christmas pressie).

After rigging up a jelly bag, with some string and an upturned chair on the dining table, the juice is dripping out nicely. Resisting the urge to push it through (Jason keeps watching to make sure i don't). Will have to wait until tomorrow to make something scrumptious with it.
Fished out some of last years damson juice from the freezer, am thinking apple and damson jelly, apple and mint and maybe apple and rosemary? Not sure yet.

Bye for now and speak soon


  1. They all sound good to me. It is so hard to resist hurrying it along isn't it - but worth the wait for the pure unadulterated colour.

    Glad you had a good time in Cornwall - well some of it anyway.

  2. hey! laura here.

    how lovely, i want to go to the Eden project!!!!

    Today we got 3 bantams, and a bantam cockeral!!!! im worried he will be vvvv noisey! they were going to kill him, so i had to save him.

    Love L xxxx


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