Friday, August 17, 2007

A Few of My favourite Things

Have felt like a badger with a sore head and achy joints for a few days now. Feels like flu without the snotty nose. Lemsip is my best friend at the moment. What a relief to get a message from work saying I have triggered an attendance review meeting. 10 days off in a year triggers a meeting to see if I can improve my attendance. Land the bloody planes without crippling the crew, will be my suggestion. Its sooo nice to know they care about me. T£@S3@s.

Spent the morning in the market Town of Marlborough. Pronounced MAWLBOROUGH, not like the ciggies, according to Susie ;0) Lovely little town, full to the brim of gorgeous shops. Managed to get away without spending too much, but did find an oldy-worldy garden sieve. I've been looking for one for ages, but now that I have it, it looks too nice to use!!

Got home at lunchtime and decided to make a list of household jobs that need doing.
1. Change bedding
2. Tidy kitchen
3. Ironing
4. Tidy lounge
5. Hoovering
6. Read this months Country Living.
7. Make apple and mint jelly
8. Put away white wash and hang up darks

I went straight to number 7 and here is the result -

I started with 3 small jars of delicious apple 'juice' that i had prepared a couple of days ago

Added the sugar, and a few sprigs of fresh mint from the garden, tied up in a muslin bag

After bubbling away for a while, i put some dried mint in the warm jars and then poured the sticky liquid over the top.
hey Presto! -

I only made a couple of jars, but will make Apple and damson jelly later, Chilli and tomato probably tomorrow.
Have to do more from the list, sure it will be number 6 ;0)

Got to go now as Mr lemsip is calling!

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  1. christian, i love your style! i love the egg house, and the kitch lids on the jam jars!!!!

    i love everything you have!

    that egg house is the dogs ears!!!

    laura xxxxxxxxx


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