Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mouse trap

Finished my 5 day block today, and should do some overtime tomorrow, but every fibre in my being is screaming no!
I just want to be at home for a while. The trips were pretty uneventful. Had a nice Amsterdam and back with Ruth, *hello Ruth* and spent all day Sunday in Duesseldorf, surfing the internet for bits. Got some fabric, which was delivered today. Need to fish out the sewing machine and make something now. Probably cushions.

Warsaw was lovely, even though we didn't have long there. Very autumnal, the trees had already started changing colour, mottled browns and oranges. Lovely.
Bumped into a stupid American couple in the hotel lift. "Oh do you work for British Air"? "No" I said. "Its British AIRWAYS" rolling my eyes.
Guess who was on my flight the next day?

The girls are fine, a couple of eggs from Shirley, nothing since from Babs and Laverne is sooo scruffy around her bum feathers. They look like they are just about to fall out! She is definately moulting which explains the lack of eggs from her. Poor mite. Hope she is fully feathered before the frost sets in. They have just tucked into a bowl of pellet mash and some sweetcorn.

The mystery of the borlotta beans is solved. They didn't die of thirst. There is a family of field mice living under the teepee canes (aw bless) and they chewed right through the base of each plant! I have left the pods on the plant to dry out for next years planting. *Must get a cat*.

We have made a list of jobs that need doing before the winter sets in. (I don't mean to keep mentioning the W word, but we are nearly there)!

* Repointing of the utility room and paint with damp sealant
* Transform garden (shouldn't take long)!!!!!!
* Paint exterior doors
* Fix outbuilding door
* Fix kitchen door (gap big enough to drive a bus through)
* Paint the garage.

We had a delivery of logs, so the woodstore is full. I get such a nice feeling when we have wood stacked up all over the place. Its comforting, like opening a fridge full of food. Unfortunately, the wood arrived a day early, so Jase had to stack the lot, just to be able to get the car on the drive. I was away. Hehe.

I got home this morning to find two enormous compost bins on the drive. We ordered them weeks ago. Am I barking mad for getting excited about compost bins? Don't answer that.

Just found out i have a Moscow and back tomorrow on overtime! The money will be handy but not looking forward to it! A lovely 12 hour day. I haven't done overtime in 4 years, so i guess it won't do any harm.


  1. COmosting bins are FAB!

    I want one that eats hot food!!!

    Have fun!

    come in moscow!

    Speak soon.

  2. Think of all the lovely things you can buy with all that overtime dosh!

    Have a good time in Moscow!


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