Monday, August 06, 2007

Oh no, not again!

Well, yesterday was my last day of my working block. Rome and back. Yuck, horrible long flight (2 hours)!!! We landed in Rome, well I say landed, we hit the runway with the force of an african elephant!! I hurt my back and the poor girl working with me hurt her neck. We managed to fly home, looking like cripples. The Captain didn't even ask how we were!!!! Poor Stephanie had to be picked up from the airport by her OH as she couldn't drive. I stopped twice on the way home to rest my back as sitting was agony!!! I have today off and am back to work on Tuesday. Not sure if i'll be able to go.

We had 2 tons of gravel delivered at 9 this morning. Have to put down weed suppressing membrane and then shift the gravel to make a path. Perfect timing. Think Jase will be doing that.

Off to try and clean the girls out now, A cube would be easier as less bending down. ;0)


The path is now finished!! Bless him, shifting 2 tons of gravel. I did bring him diet coke and make tea!!! I am so impressed with the end result, I think it looks really good.

We edged the path down the side of the outbuilding in old bricks, found in the paddock behind the house. Recycle! The possibilities are endless!


  1. hey.

    Its laura again. Seths moma,.

    how funny i said i liked your stones and i youd only just laid them! hahaa

  2. Oh very posh - definitely need a Cube - does wonders for the back dear.


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