Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crouching Chicken, Hidden Pheasant

Got up reasonably early and went to the Farmers Market in town. Not much going on, but bought some rolls and a few plants for the (winter) window box outside the lounge window.

Mum and Dad came over for a bit in the afternoon.. She was looking out of the bedroom window and shouted 'One of the chickens is escaping'! I rushed to the window but it was a baby pheasant!!!!
(2 black chickens and a ginger one - the pheasant was cream/brown - bless my Mum) hehe.

I went out to the chicken area and saw it heading for the eglu run. Like a ninja chicken, Laverne pounced feet first, talons ready and landed on its back! The other two then proceeded to peck at it whilst laverne pinned it down. Poor thing. It made a dash for the fence but couldn't get out. I managed to get the girls in their run, and 'encouraged' the pheasant over the fence.

Later on, my friend Clare and her Dad popped in for tea and several scones. By 6pm it was looking dark and miserable, so we lit the fire and sat on the sofa watching tv.

This morning, i have cleaned out the girls and potted up some plants from the market. Laverne is looking decided scruffy/bald. Hopefully she will regrow new feathers before it gets really cold. I bought some red currants as my plant hasn't produced any fruit yet. Decided to pickle them, as they look gorgeous in jars. the vinegar/sugar/all spice berries and cloves are bubbling away on the hob as I type. Had a sniff of the pan and took the lining off my nose. Its potent stuff! Will let it cool then pour over the berries. Have run out of small kilner jars so jam jars will have to do.

Will post pics later.

Off to pack my case for work now, as back tomorrow. :0( 5 days at work then 6 off again. Will probably do overtime this week as would like a Kitchen aid mixer a la Nigella ;0))

As promised -


  1. Great account as normal Christian!
    The Berries look lovely.
    I'm also glad the pheasant escaped poor thing. Have a nice time at work and speak soon...


  2. Lovely and colourful redcurrants. My crop finished a couple of months ago and now reside in the freezer - never heard of pickling them. Very interesting

  3. Hey babe!

    Well i have some GREAT news! I found beauty! She was about 200 metres away from the house.

    Oh and i wonder who you got the idea for the kitchenaid mixer off?? HUH? LOL.

    Ive actually swopped mine for this: as it was 1/3 of the price and alot better. the Kitchenaid ones require more maintanence! love L xxx


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