Sunday, August 26, 2007


Back from 5 days at work and now have 6 days off! Yay! Summer has arrived! Got in at 3pm yesterday to find Babs in the run, panting, wings out as if she was too hot. Laverne and Shirley seemed ok. Put some ice cubes in their water and gave them some sweetcorn, which they ate greedily.

Jase has a Berlin and back today, so I decided to get up with him (yes, it is 5.15am), must be mad! Will let the girls out when it gets light and see how Babs is doing. If she isn't any better its off to the vets.

On a brighter note, my Brother has proposed to his Girlfriend!!!!

Congratulations Andy and Charlie!!! They want the wedding on the 17th May next year so I have time to lose 4 stone!

More later, when i'm awake.

C x

Just been out to let the girls out of their run. Babs is lying on the cool soil. She seems alert but not herself. I gave her some dried mealworms and pellets which she ate out of my hand. Worried about her now, but she is eating and drinking so not sure.
Just gonna have some breakfast then have another look at her. The vet has an open surgery this morning, so might take her along.

She seems ok again now. Not her usual self but she had some fresh spinach and a drink. She was covered in red mite powder, which I had put in the nesting box last night. She has obviously been sitting there this morning, which is strange as we don't think she has laid an egg since easter! They keep you on your toes these chickens!!

Back again!! I've painted the kitchen door (outside) so now covered in 'forest green' gloss. The girls have had their run cleaned out and turned round, so they are facing the house. All ready for winter (!).

The pumpkin plants have gone mad! 3 little pumpkins like little yellow golf balls! they are 'Jack be Little' so i guess they will be errr 'little'! The beetroot is massive and needs pulling, as do the sprouts but i was told to wait til after the 1st frosts as they taste better. Sweetcorn is doing well, as are the courgettes. The barlotta beans needed water desperately and i think its too late for them ;0(

Babs is wandering around all forlorn. She keeps digging holes then sitting in them. She is still eating and drinking so will keep an eye on her for the next couple of days. She looks like an old Dame, hobbling around.

Right need to get the paint off my keyboard now. Damn gloss!


  1. awwww hun!

    Mine have been the same!

    and your right they keep you on your toes!

    Love L xxxxx

  2. we need more christian blogs!

    laura xx


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