Friday, August 03, 2007

A Chicken Update.....

Babs spent the night in our bedroom in her own little box, egyptian cotton sheet and matching pillow case. She seemed better this morning, though still subdued. I put her back in the eglu with her friends at 4.30 this morning as I was leaving for work. She went straight into the run and sat down. Laverne stuck her head out as if to say 'have you any idea what time it is??? Its still dark'!!!! She saw Babs and went and sat beside her. They both fell asleep outside. I was nearly in tears (big softie me) as Laverne obviously knew that Babs was sick. I really didn't expect her to be with us when I got home this afternoon, but she was dust bathing when I got back!!!! 80)))))

I am just back from the vet who gave her an antibiotic jab and some tabs. He thinks she will be ok. I am soooo relieved. A little smile in an appauling week.

She has been moulting quite a lot, but is still Gorgeous!


  1. Ah - moulting really makes them feel rotten, and they can go off their food and look so miserable. I was worried sick about Dilly Dilly and was awake all night one night last week - expecting her to pop her clogs overnight - but she perked up - and I was flaked out tired LOL

    Our little feathered friends sure know how to turn the knife in our hearts don't they.

    Daft, airhead creatures they are!

    And don't go saying it is because they are females!


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