Saturday, August 11, 2007

Down on the Farm

Had a much nicer day today. Let the girls out early and they raced to the corner of their outside run to get a wind fallen apple!
Mowed the lawn at the back and tidied up the kitchen. Mum and Dad came over as they are babysitting Ellis and Grace for the weekend. We went to Finkley Down Farm, just down the road.
Here are the two angels, sharing a tractor-

'No grace, thats the clutch'!

A Gorgeous Cow!!

I wanted to smuggle some of these home, but they wouldn't fit in my bag!

And one of these - she wobbled as she walked! SOOOO CUTE!

Grace was fascinated by the tractors and screamed the place down when she had to get off

And finally a donkey for Annie! :0)

Got home and Mum and Dad left with a bag of runner and french beans, some radishes (Dads favourite) and 6 eggs. Good day had by all!

Thought about making some apple jelly, but couldn't face chopping all the apples I got from Susie's garden. They are sitting in a huge bowl on the kitchen table, looking all 'Country Living' magazine photo shoot. Will prepare them when we are back from The Eden Project on Wednesday!!! Really excited now.


  1. FIRSTLY- i also love hello kitty, little Grace!!!!

    Secondly, i am in LOVE with that beautiful cow!

    Thirdly, i want to go to the Eden project! You must tell all about it.

    I am sooooo happy you had a nice day! You lucky thing!!!!

    And apple jello/ jelly. YUM!

    Anyway!!! i must dash, please blog ALOT more.

    Love Laura, Seth and miserable ross

  2. Thanks fro the donkey Christian! what a sweetie!
    Love Annie xxx

  3. Such great photos - of course I love the Pekins best or were they big Cochins?

  4. They were Pekins! I have never seen bantams 'in the flesh' before an now I want some.
    I know they lay smaller eggs, but same size yolks as chickens?


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