Saturday, August 18, 2007

Don't these people own Mirrors???

I woke up late today, about 10am, which is rare these days! Have had a raging headache all day, that Mr Lemsip and Miss Nurofen couldn't help with. Needed to go to the shops to get a few bits, so headed off down the lane. I guess the straw harvest is underway as the lane was covered. The blackberries and sloes are ripening up nicely though.

Somerfield was full of the usual suspects. Ready meals, fray bentos pies and cake laden trolleys. Not a vegetable in sight. Far too many overweight men in tight fitting 'vests'. Guts out for all to see. What is wrong with these people? I cover my tummy up in public (private too). Waitrose it certainly isn't. I asked for quail's eggs and got a look. I quickly headed for the tills and left.
Got home, checked on the girls, but no eggs! First time ever i think. Hope they are all ok. So no treats today, just their pellets. We will see if there are any tomorrow.

Decided to make damson and apple jelly, which took ages to boil. Like a glutton for punishment, not really, I then made 2 jars of tomato and chiili jam. In a fit of madness and seeing Jason's flight was delayed I whipped up some scones! Just call me Delia ;0)

Will bag up some scones for Clara and her Dad as they are visiting tomorrow.

Feel a bit better now. The fire is roaring in the lounge and i'm sat in the kitchen, with the stable door open. I love this house!! Its pitch black outside, no street lights and not a sound apart from the local owl hooting away in the distance.
Think I will have to try a scone. Well I can't give some away without sampling the goods!!


  1. Wow!

    Another eventful day!

    Hope you are feeling much better.


  2. Ooops, there seems to be another scone missing? I wonder who ate that one? HeHe! Can't wait to try the rest of your wares. ;-)

  3. Well, babe, the good life seems busy! I think you are a little harsh re: men in vests (a little jealousy me thinks!!) Hope to catch up soon, Im guessing Lee didnt call you! Will get on to it.
    Clare x

  4. What a great cook you are - so nice to see what you have been up too.

    Well done you


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