Thursday, September 13, 2007

Home to Roost

Went into Andover today and got oranges from the market and some snacks for our journey on Saturday. Left Boots, with enough cold medicine for a small army. I am trying really hard not to use plastic bags when i go shopping. I normally carry a couple of bags with me, but i'm amazed at the look i get when i say i don't need a carrier bag! Am I that unusual?? WH Smiths had a sale on stationary, but my paper and pencil collection is at an all time high, so i resisted the urge to buy. It wasn't easy with 50% off but i took deep breaths and walked away.

On my way home, i popped into the vets to see Babs. The vet said i could bring her home for a night and see how she is. After an initial squabble with Laverne and Shirley they are dust bathing together and just getting on with chickeny things. She still isn't herself and i have to take her back tomorrow. Small steps but with a little luck she will be okay.

I feel worse today, but am plodding on (so brave), dosed up on lemsip, sudafed, halls soothers, fizzy Vitamin C tabs with Zinc and copious amounts of fresh orange juice. At least i won't get scurvy!

Managed to get another copy of last years Good Housekeeping Christmas food magazine. Me thinks the other was recycled, as i can't find it anywhere (all my magazines go missing)! Fab recipe for mini Christmas Puddings.

Off for a little nap now. Jase is home soon. Yay!

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  1. awwwww i hope you feel alot better soon! Get Jasde to drive!!!

    What car are you taking????

    I hope you have fun and Bbs is ok.

    Love Laura xxxxx


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