Tuesday, September 11, 2007

its dark outside

Jase left this morning at 6am for a 3 day trip, so i got up and let the girls out. There is something nice about getting up when its dark and watching the sun rise. After breakfast I wandered into the veg garden and pulled up the last of the beetroot. Still have a few baby ones growing, but not sure if they will be ready before the 1st frosts. Laverne was making a racket, crowing, as Shirley was laying an egg. I don't know why she does it, as she is moulting big time at the moment so doesn't need the nest box. Maybe she was calling for Babs.

"Where did he sprinkle that corn"?

Cleared the brussel sprout bed and planted some green manure! We had some for dinner yesterday with fish and chips. (Sprouts not manure). Unusual combination, but tasty. The Veg garden is starting to look a bit scruffy now, so will have to give it a tidy up.

The sweet peas are growing for Britain! I can't keep up with the cutting.

Planted out some swiss chard and spinach, that will hopefully keep us and the hens happy over winter.

The tiny 'Baby bear' pumpkins are doing really well as is the sweetcorn, but still not ready yet - needs a bit more sun!

What lovely 'roots!

Boiled up some elderberry juice and made 3 1/2 jars of jelly for my Mum. Painted the inside of the kitchen door (4 coats now) so that is looking better. Still have a list of jobs to do, but can't really be bothered. Will call the vet later and see how Babs is doing. Will also ask the vet to ban the pay movies from her room! ;0)


  1. Pleased to hear about the elderberry jelly and Babs! The bath melts were fab and smelt lovely. Can you please now invent a bath cleaner?

  2. Glad Babs is on the mend.
    Mopsie, haven't you heard of bleach and elbow grease ;-)


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