Friday, September 14, 2007

Bath Time!

Woke up still feeling bad this morning. Got ready and let the girls out. Babs trotted out of the eglu happy as Larry! (Who's Larry)?!?
Mundane things to do today. Washing, tidying and packing for our trip tomorrow!

Decided to give Babs a bath as her fluffy bum feathers aren't so fluffy due to *cough* her upset tummy! I filled a tub trug up with warm warm and plopped her in it.

She loved it! Sat quite happily for 15 mins whilst i gave her a shampoo and set! I then wrapped her in a towel and gave her some rinsed tuna for protein and she was as good as gold.

'I'm ready for my close up now' (She wasn't aware that her beak was covered in tuna)!

The vet called and we agreed to see her next week when we are back from our hols. I didn't want to stress her out anymore. She seems happy at home so we'll see how she gets on.

Sat here sniffing away, hoping i am better before the drive tomorrow! Will make up a cool bag later, full of snacky things to munch on the way! Just had my 2nd Lemsip of the day, so slowly weaning myself off them, (have you tried the wild berry and hot orange one though? Its delish)!

Good news! My 1971 copy of The Magic Faraway Tree arrived today and the seeds i ordered yesterday! Curly kale, which i have potted up. Hope they shoot by the time we get back! How I love snail mail!!!

Off to get the washing in and tidy up now. Sniff sniff.


  1. I think you deserve a nice warm bath too!!!!

    With nice candles!!!!

    Glad shes better!

    Love L xxxx

  2. although i dont think they make trugs big enough :)

  3. Enjoy your holiday and come back full of beans and bouncy.

    Babs is amazing - more lives than a cat


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