Friday, September 07, 2007

The Chicken with 9 Lives

Babs has not been herself for a couple of days and after cleaning the eglu this afternoon, I noticed she was panting. So we headed off to the vets at 6.30 tonight. She has egg peritonitis again and the vet thought it best to drain the fluid tonight and keep her there and try to drain more in the morning. So I left Miss Babs with them and hope it is good news tomorrow.

We discussed how comfotable she is and i decided that if she was in any pain, then the vet will put her down. A horrible decision, but at least she wouldn't suffer anymore. We will see how she is tomorrow and hopefully i will bring her home.
It seemed strange locking the run door this evening. Just saying goodnight to Laverne and Shirley. I wonder if they miss her as much as I do?

I called the vet this morning and the nurse said she was doing well and eating lots, which is a good sign. They promised me the vet would phone me back later. I waited and waited and by the time i called them, the surgery was closed. I hope she is all right.

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  1. if i were you id refuse to pay after all that fafth!

    do vets not realise what Waiting is like????

    Hope shes ok Hunny Bunny Popadolly :)




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