Friday, September 21, 2007

The Wanderer Returns....

On Saturday morning we set off for Folkestone. I was very brave and drove Jase's car (aka the Beast) all the way! I chickened out when it came to driving onto the channel tunnel train. It is a lot bigger than Mortimer the Mini and I didn't want to prang it!!!
We made it to Mum and Dad's house in just under 5 hours, not bad for a 300 mile journey through France, Belgium and finally Germany.

Mum and Dad had no idea we were coming and the look on my Mum's face was priceless. She was speechless for minutes, which is rare ;0)

We spent the time shopping for food, visiting restaurants and eating from food stalls. Do you see the common link???
Currywurst with chips (sausage covered in tomato/curry sauce) Yum!

Here is a picture of the house -

And the Barn -

As usual, I didn't take enough pictures!! The village is on top of a mountain, very 'Heidi', surrounded by fields and woodland. There is a bakers shop for fresh breakfast rolls every day, a hair dressers and a shop that opens every Friday! Very quiet pace of life and friendly people.

We set off for home on Wednesday and stopped off a couple of times for diesel and loo breaks. Bumped into a Romanian who was looking for directions to London (this was in Belgium) and sent him on his way with a scrap of paper labelled 'Tunnel sous la Manche' (channel tunnel). Hope he made it ok.

We stopped at Auchan hypermarket and stocked up on more food (terrible really) and then went to check in for the return crossing. We were nearly 3 hours early but they put us on the next available train. We got home 2 hours earlier than planned, so i popped out to see the girls. Fearing the worst for Babs.
She was fine, snoring like a trooper!!! Shirley came out to say hello and Laverne gave me a filthy look for waking her up at midnight!!

Babs is back to her old self again. I am giving her a last dose of antibiotics and will take her to the vet for a final check up next week.

The curly kale i planted last week has come up and i have inherited an old plastic greenhouse from next door! Think it will be full in no time! Just need to anchor it down somehow as the wind is blowing a gale today.

Mrs Frisby and her babies (the field mice living under my beans) haven't done any more damage yet, so they are safe for a while! The pumpkins are looking good and i'm going to pick some sweetcorn for lunch! First time i have grown it and it's ripe for the picking.

Still a bit sniffly, but my nose is no longer dripping like a tap. Ears are still a bit blocked, so work tomorrow should be fun. Only a madrid and back, so home in the afternoon.

I'll leave you with a view from near the house in Germany.

See you soon!


Just picked some sweetcorn!
Months to grow.............

Minutes to cook..................

seconds to eat, but worth it!!!

They were small but perfectly formed. Still have a fair few on the plants so will leave those and eat them next week! Might even pop a couple in the freezer.

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