Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Germs Galore!

Woke up ridiculously late today when Jason called after landing back from Barcelona. He had a couple of hours before he had to go to Amsterdam. 10.45 the phone rang and i woke up with a start!!!! Annoyed at myself for sleeping so long, I got up and let the girls out of their run.

Popped over to Annies to drop off some chicken pellets as she had an op and cant drive/lift anything. Then headed back home and got a call from Darren from work, who wanted to 'pop' over. I say 'pop over' but it was a good 80ish mile trip one way for him!!! Lovely to see him!

I called the vet this morning for a Babs update and not good news. She is still really poorly and not eating well. We will see how she is tomorrow and make a decision. Not looking forward to it, but i have to think about how she is and her future. I can't put her through this stress again. Hopefully she will be allowed home tomorrow, fully recovered.

The bath melts i made (not sure if i mentioned them) have been on a baking tray in the fridge for a few days. I bagged them up and hid them away. Will make some hessian bags to put them in for Christmas pressies! Gave a couple to next door to try. My Mum loved them - see comment on 'its dark outside'- cheeky mare writing about bath cleaner!!!!

Feel like a badger with a sore head and a cheese grater throat. Coming down with something. The Lemsip isn't helping. Going to Andover tomorrow with the great unwashed public, can't wait. Oranges and Vit C are called for!

Spoke to Jase this evening in Amsterdam, he still feels rough after 7 days with this cold. He has 3 flights tomorrow, but will hopefully be late back from Amsterdam and lose the Glasgow and back!!!!
He needs to rest and take it easy, poor lad!

We are going away for a few days on Saturday, so the long drive will be fun, with us both sniffing away. Will go to Waitrose and get some picnic type food for the journey.

Have a list as long as my arm of jobs to do, but will get round to them all eventually! The TV hasnt been on all day, which is just how i like it. Kitchen is tidy, office still isn't!!!! Mum's elderberry jelly is liquid! So will either reboil it or call it 'elderberry coulis'!!!!!!!

Up the wooden hill now, at least i can hog the whole bed. 'Star fish boy' as he likes to call me!!! Really missed him today, but he'll be home with his germs tomorrow!!!

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