Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A fair update

Blimey it is cold. The temperature has been below freezing for 3 days now and it is currently a balmy -0.9C! The house has never been this freezing. A hat and scarf are needed everytime I go outside. I called my Gran in Kent and she said she had never seen snow like it.

The hens have taken to all sleeping in one eglu at night. I usually shuffle them around with 2 in each eglu, but at the moment I don't blame them. The orange eglu is redundant most nights. I have also started locking them in at night as it is dropping to -5.

Their water keeps freezing (hardly surprising) and I have taken a top tip from Kate and bought a galvanised drinker from Scats. It is sat on 2 bricks with a tea light in a jar underneath. It stops the water freezing - so far so good. Day 2 and it hasn't frozen yet! Next door's bantams have been moved into the greenhouse for a bit of protection.

The country (well a lot of it), is covered in snow. More snow than has been seen in 60+ years according to the news. We haven't seen a sniff! Ok, we had an icing sugar dusting the other day, but it was more like a hard frost than snow. I feel cheated. Although, I would rather it arrived after Saturday, as I have a Christmas fair to attend in the afternoon. Talking of fairs! I have been given a nudge to post about the Weyhill Fair I did at the weekend. (ok Hazel? *wink*)!!

Saturday started very early and cold. A biting wind was whistling around Hampshire and I was hoping it didn't snow! The fair opened and it was quite a slow start, but things did pick up and I had a really good day. A friend was on bacon roll and tea duty, so that was great! I was freezing, but remembered to take my little hot water bottle with me, so managed to fill that from the urn in the kitchen.

Here are the pictures! The tables were covered in cinnamon sticks, gold coins and candy canes to add a festive touch....

The gardener's shortbread cut from a watering can cutter! I love these! 2 sets of elf skittles sold too!

I have sold around 20 of these little Christmas cakes so far!

A couple of days before the fair, I decided to make some cranberry and orange jelly. When it was ready, I stirred in a few sprinkles of edible glitter and the result was fantastic. Deep ruby red jars with a hint of sparkle! The campest thing I have ever seen! Hee hee. I made 10 jars and saved one for Jase's Mum when we go up to Scotland for Christmas. I sold all 9 jars at the fair quite quickly, so made another batch today as I had cranberries left. I dashed to get my hair cut today and the Hairdresser asked if I could save her a jar! Will definitely make it again next year!

The glitter didn't come out well in the picture. So here is the pan with cranberries and orange rind instead. Not as festive :0(

All ready for Saturday and hoping the snow stays away. Due back to work next Tuesday, so it can snow then! ;0) Heathrow didn't cope too well this week and I heard that they closed Gatwick all day today. Jase went to Athens today and said there were lots of cancellations.

Ordered another load of logs which should be delivered on Sunday. We are going through them quickly as it is so bitter outside. Thermals will be needed when we stack that lot. Who cares about fashion? I look like Mr Potato head in a knitted beanie, where as J looks like a burglar/convict. *sniggers* The sky looks heavy with snow, but not a flake yet. It is forecast for tomorrow, but who knows when/if it will reach us.

Some stunning pictures posted on the Omlet forum - cannot believe that we have missed it all! It is getting dark now (only 3.40pm) and I have 20 minutes to go until my 3 Christmas puddings finish steaming. They have been on since 9.30 this morning!!! I unexpectedly sold 4 large puds at the fair, so have to make another 3 for orders that came in weeks ago. One large bowl of dried fruit, soaking up brandy on the kitchen table for another day or two and then I am all done with Christmas puds. I have lost count how many I have made this year!

Christmas cards to write (mind numbing, my worst job at Christmas) but think I will take them with me to work next week.

Thanks for all the well wishing for the fair *smiles*

Wrap up warm and fingers crossed this little corner of Hampshire gets some snow soon. I have a 25kg bag of salt and 2 snow shovels that are desperate to get to work!

C x x x

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  1. Glad it went well Christian. The cranberries look delicious.


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