Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Seeing stars

Ok, so here I am in Copenhagen. Sat at the desk with a pile of Christmas cards to write and complete lack of enthusiasm. I have lost my list of people I would like to send cards to, which doesn't make things any easier.

I did another fair last weekend and managed to hurt my back again. Stacking jars of jam with fabric things in my plastic trays seemed to work better, rather than lifting a couple of really heavy crates. It was a school fair and people were being extremely careful with money, which I can understand. Luckily my mincemeat will be good for a year or two, so no problems there. Unsure if I can use 18 jars up before the 25th?

Due to the success of my mini mince pies at the first fair, I made another few batches for last week. After cutting out 90 bases and stars, I couldn't cope with any more. My eyes started to go funny! Sold several bags though:0)

The snow finally hit the village on the 1st of December, which seemed appropriate! Only a couple of inches, but enough to transform the area.

Our little lane -

Logs were delivered on Saturday, a day early, so as I was at the fair, Jase stacked most of them. He went to work and only left a few for me to do. Perfect size logs, so no extra chopping to do. I seem to spend my life chopping up kindling though. We go through a fair amount to start a fire. Tricky, as there is nowhere sheltered in the garden to do it, so it tends to get done done the side of the house where the North wind whistles.

Report from home that the candle under the hens' drinking is working! Trouble is, the tea lights only last 4 hours, so need replacing at least once a day. Fine, if we are at home, but tricky if we are away. Ebay has come to the rescue as I have ordered 30 8 hour tea lights!! Perfect for next door to light and forget about, if we are both at work overnight. I have ordered another galvanized drinker, which should be here tomorrow. Will lend it to next door as they are struggling too.

I have just called housekeeping for a kettle. My feet are like blocks of ice and need my hot water bottle! The Scandi's do love their solid wood flooring, which I like, but when you think you have frost bite on your toes, you need at least a bit of shag pile under your tootsies!

Wake up is at 4.45 tomorrow morning, but just one flight home. Might get some cards written in the afternoon. I check in early again on Friday for another night away. Looking forward to getting home, as I have 3 windows to open on my advent calendar; unless the mice have eaten the chocolates!

Stay safe and warm.

C x x


  1. Funny you should mention the mincemeat, we bought some from you last year and were only just saying how much nicer yours is than the 'shop' stuff!


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