Thursday, December 09, 2010

Just a little extra

I'm back home now!

Hens cleaned out, tea light under their drinker, spring greens hanging up and pellets topped up. They are happy hens.
They seem to be getting on quite well at the moment. They all sleep together in the same eglu which makes locking them up at night easier. Agnes is still a bit timid when it comes to bedtime, and is always the last in.
Will be leaving for work at 4am tomorrow, so will light a candle and pop it under the water. Have asked next door to keep an eye on them.

Came home to a cold house, even though Jase left the thermostat on 15C. Couldn't wait until it was dark and am sat here, fire lit with a hot chocolate. Not your 'Options, 40 calories' hot chocolate either. Oh no, this is Cadburys, artery clogging delicious, thick chocolate. I felt the shivering was burning calories, so it doesn't count.

Wrapped a few presents for a secret santa and will post them next week. Collected more logs to fill the basket in the lounge and am now wondering what to have for dinner. The fridge is like Old Mother Hubbard's so not sure yet. There will be something in the freezer.

Only one chocolate door to open on my calendar, so the mice must have eaten the others!

Time to make up the Hens' porridge before they head off to bed. Hen pecked? Me??

C x x x

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  1. Hi Christian,

    Thank you! I was out first thing this morning cleaning out the hens too. I love nothing better than to see happy hens running around in a nice clean house and run. Do you really put a tea light under their water? I'm intrigued!

    P.s. Love all your makes! :-)



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