Monday, November 22, 2010

The White stuff?

Hello and a very good evening from Glasgow! I can smell deep fried pizza wafting into my hotel room.

Spent a shocking night in Dusseldorf yesterday, clock watching. Finally fell asleep at 2am ish, only to be woken by all the telephones ringing at 3.45 to announce I had an hour until pick up from the hotel. Grumpy so and so today.
Arrived in Glasgow around 12.30 and headed to the shops. Managed to get a few Christmas presents, some lovely boxes in John Lewis, thanks (or not) to one of the girls on the crew. What is it with JL's and lovely things?? I am so weak.

We had lunch at Wagamamas and I ordered some udon noodle thing with a peanut and lime topping, tofu and prawns. Delicious. Back to the shops for a few bits from Paperchase (another favourite shop for lovely wrapping paper and 'stuff'). Pick up tomorrow is a more reasonable 5.45am, which to most is horrific, but after 3 flights tomorrow I am off for a while. Good job too, as the Christmas pudding orders are flying in!!

I made coconut ice for the fair the other day. All bagged and ready to go! Traditional pick and white.

....and the more unusual lavender and white -

Looking sightly grey in the photo, but it is a lovely colour really.

My confectioners spirit was in full flow, so made peppermint creams to add to the pudding basin that will display the sweets for the fair. After spending a few pounds on Waitrose 'natural' food colourings, it seemed appropriate. (How is ground up beetles to get red food colouring, deemed natural)??

All in all, the preparations are going well. I have ordered 5 pounds of fresh cranberries from the grocer at the market and hope to make some kind of orange and cranberry sauce to sell too. Might need the addition of cointreau to get the customers purchasing my wares. I think it should go down well, being as it is a Christmas day staple.

We haven't had any eggs all week, so think that is it until next year now. The hens deserve a break and can recharge their batteries over winter. Bought another 6 eggs from a deli, stunning dark brown shells, from happy hens the owner keeps himself. £1.80 for 6. I think that's pretty good!

Back is slightly niggling again today, not helped by lack of sleep and irritability all day. Just had a hot bath and my constant companion, the hot water bottle, is by my side *smiles*.

I managed to get my head out of the window here in the hotel. Damn these non smoking hotels! I will have my wicked weed. There is a security chain only allowing the window to open slightly, but with the flexibilty of a contortionist, I did it. It's like being at school, having a sneaky fag behind the bike sheds! Noticed another couple of brave souls defying the rules too; lights off, curtained pulled close behind them, trying to hide the glow of the burning ciggie! With the hotel being on a main road, the sight of me in bed time attire -tshirt and Coca cola lounge pants- isn't the nicest for passers by.

Early to bed for me as have a long day tomorrow.

Hope everyone in blogland is well? I hear we have snow forecast for later in the week? After my fair please. I have been harping on about it for long enough, and whilst the idea of 2 foot of snow appeals, I would like to do it. Although, should we be snowed in, we have plenty of jam and mincemeat!!

C x x x


  1. Just spent a wonderful time catching up on all your news - my you have been busy

    I hope you make a mint at the Christmas fairs - you deserve too.

    Take good care of your back

  2. Hi C
    How did the fair go??

  3. So the last time I stayed in a hotel in Glasgow near the bus station! - It was you who set the fire alarm off when we were in bed and had to parade down the street when we went out the fire escape nearest and had to then walk up the street with people coming home from the theatres etc and us in night attire!! - someone smoked in their non smoking bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. By the way its not a deep fried pizza its a deep fried mars bar!! LOL


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