Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Life is like a box of chocolates.....

Evening All!

Been a busy few days, what with Christmas preps and sorting things out.

Waited in all day for a delivery, which didn't arrive! No point getting annoyed, as I did manage to get the decs up! We won't be here for Christmas, but I still wanted a little tree. Melvin is sat next to my armchair, fully adorned with Christmasness!

Went into the loft and dragged down several suitcases and boxes looking for my favourites decorations. All out now and the boxes put back. The fireplace is now done and a few extra lights up. Much to Jase and the electricity monitor's dismay!
You can't see the lights on the mantle, but they are there!

I cleaned out the hens today, only one eglu as they are all having sleepovers together for the winter. Elsbeth's feathers are growing back nicely, although quite dark. They are eating lots and desperate for corn by the late afternoon. I caught Cornelia on top of the run today, peeking over the fence to see where I was. Next door will be looking after them when we go away.
In return, we will be hen sitting later this week when they go away for a few days.

All presents are here/on their way, so no major panics as yet. Can always pop to the shops next week for emergency bits if I need to. The mammoth task of wrapping is set for tomorrow before work and next week before we drive up to Scotland - weather permitting. It is forecast for loads of snow and cold temperatures until the New Year now. Not really sure what to do, but we have decided that if the snow is bad, we will stay here for Christmas.

Seeing as I stayed in, I decided to make some chocolate truffles - having read the recipe on the Omlet forum. Made 3 batches, 2 with brandy and one with orange juice and zest. I rolled some in cocoa powder, dipped some in melted chocolate and some in dessicated coconut. I wore my CSI gloves, as Nigella puts it, but still managed to get chocolate and cocoa everywhere!
Think I have made too many, as I now have plates of truffles all over the kitchen!
Not quite sure why I said I have too many. Must be coming down with something! Saying that, my ears do feel weird and have done for a couple of days. Can't shake that fuzzy feeling.

Anyway, a plate of truffles ready to bag up for Christmas!

Had a visitor today, who picked up the Christmas hamper she ordered. Have a few more jams to wrap up and a couple of puddings still to deliver at work. I have 2 large ones left, as I am not Carol Vorderman and seem to have mental blocks when it comes to puddings. I am sure they won't go to waste. *wink*

Jase is due back any minute, so need to light the fire and think about dinner. Not as cold today, but forecast to get colder tomorrow and Thursday.

Stay wrapped up and warm!

C x x


  1. Beautiful decorations, can't wait to put mine up now! :) The truffles look amazing, a good tip for next year's hampers. ;)

  2. Loved the bit about the Hot cross buns - your self control is like mine - non existant.


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