Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Road trip

What a week it has been!!

It has been so cold this week. Loads of snow flurries and the coldest temperatures that I have seen since moving here. It dropped to -13.1C the other night!! I have double wrapped the outside taps with bubble wrap as extra protection when we are away and look like a market stall holder in my fingerless gloves.

Preps are now complete for our trip to Scotland tomorrow. We have decided to take my Mini for the trip as it will have better grip on the road than J's BMW. Jase bought new windscreen wipers today and I have checked the tyre pressure, oil etc ready for an early start tomorrow. I nearly asked him to pick up emergency flares in case we got snowed in enroute, but thought that was going too far.

All presents wrapped and delivered to Mum and Dad's for the rest of my Family. Hens cleaned out, nextdoor briefed on care! (Candle under the drinker and lots of corn to keep the hens happy).

Having received numerous emails asking me to join Facebook, I finally gave in and joined last night. I have lots of friends already and have a couple of games of scrabble going. It will be nice to catch up with people!

The last lot of snow fell two days ago and since we have had a mini thaw during the day, but again freezing temperatures at night.

Before I go, just wanted to say a quick Happy Christmas to you all. Thank you for all the lovely comments all year. *Smiles*

J's Mum now has wifi, so I will try and log on over Christmas. Depending on whether I can move or not after the copious amounts of chocolate I plan to consume.

C x x x

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  1. Ooh scrabble! Always up for a game if you are interested!


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