Thursday, May 31, 2007


Here I am in Oslo, watching the clock. Pick up from the hotel is in 2 hours and I need to get ready. Can't muster up the energy. Clicked on new post on here and its all in Norweigen! Think i'm doing it right though. We'll find out when i click publish and it deletes my whole blog! Day five of a seven day block. tick tock. In Lyon tonight and home late tomorrow evening. Looking at myself in the mirror here and my hair is so big!!! Really need a hair cut. Its thin, but bushy if that makes sense?

Jase said we had a major storm the other night and the potato plants haven't faired well. Will have a look at the damage on Saturday. Girls are fine, still no eggs from Laverne or Babs. Bless them! I think Babs is moulting as she is looking really scruffy at the mo, she is the oldest of the 3, so it figures that she is the first to moult. She looks a little bit out on the town, morning after kind of look. Feather coat and no knickers!

Praying for warm weather as i'm sure i'm suffering from SAD. Just want a bit of sun!

All ready now, just wondering if my shirt needs ironing or if the creases will fall out when i put it on? They'll fall out! Really spotty at the moment. Probably hormonal. Its amazing how hotel bathroom mirrors make you look really brown, then you walk out back to albino land! 1 hour 20 to go. A 45 minute bus ride to the airport then a full flight back to London. Joy.
i've had 2 biscuits and a couple of diet cokes for breakfast. Heathly eating gone mad. Will wait til i get on the plane and savour the delights of aircraft catering me thinks.

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