Friday, May 18, 2007

Ups and Downs!

Well its been a strange week really. Its my birthday tomorrow and I just feel like i'm running out of time to get things done.

Poor Laverne was all hunched up in the run today, a sure sign that all is not well. She has been laying soft shelled and no shelled eggs for a couple of weeks. She is normally 'hunched', lays a softie then returns to normal. After 6 hours of the 'hunching' I took her to the vet, who gave her an antibiotic injection and some tablets. She is now in a cat basket with a good book, horlicks and a hot water bottle, enjoying Gardeners World and the open fire!

The veggie garden is doing well. I'm really pleased. I took some spare brussel sprout plants to Annie's yesterday. She was having a new eglu 'cube' delivered! Its gorgeous and can house up to 10 chickens. Hmmmmm got me thinking now!

The 'Cube' in all its glory

Isn't it wonderful??!
Love the colour!

Look at my Tatties matron!

And the Sweet peas/runners beans!!

Jase is stacking my birthday presents on the dining table as I type!!! Bless him! I'm so excited! we are spending the day blocking the holes in the porch with chicken wire to stop the flying rats (starlings) nesting!!! They have already made one nest and the chicks left today. Lo and behold, the buggers have started building another one! The white 'pebble dashing' effect they have left behind on the brickwork isn't really my taste! Whats wrong with trees??? We live in the country for Gods sake! Damn birds!

Family are coming over on Sunday for a Bar-b-q, so will be preparing salads and the like. Jase will be in charge of cooking! You can't beat the taste of charred sausage with raw middle! The cleaning of the barbie is my favourite chore! Will savour that for next time we need it!

Good night All.

C x x x


  1. Christian, thanks for coming to hold my hand yesterday. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    BTW: I LOVE Brussels sprouts xxx

  2. I presume you don't like Annie as who would give a friend brussels sprouts!


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