Sunday, June 03, 2007

Poorly Chicken

I took Laverne and Babs to the avian vet today. Laverne has been laying her soft eggs for a while now and Babs was just not herself. He examined Babs and diagnosed egg peritonitis. He used a huge needle and syringe and extracted nearly 300ml of yellow gunk from her abdomen. The poor girl! It is a life threatening condition and she is really not a well hen. She has antibiotics to take for 10 days so fingers crossed she will be ok. She is looking really sorry for herself and took herself off to bed at 5pm. I am hoping that she will be perkier tomorrow.

Laverne has a possible cyst which he drained, but thinks it is unlikely she will ever lay again :o(
They are pets so the egg thing isn't so important, I just hope she will be okay too!

Shirley is as funny as ever, eating, dust bathing and laying like a trooper!!

Feeling really down today as life seems to be getting on top of me.
Tomorrow will be better.

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  1. Glad you got your chooks to the vet on time - I am sure they both will make a full recovery


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