Monday, May 21, 2007

Rain, rain go away

The birthday celebration was a quiet one. Roaring fire and a chinese takeaway. Just the way I like it. I'm too old for all this party nonsense :0)

I got lots of pressies including an outside tap, (seriously)! dvds, wooden seed trays, candles, a jelly pan, lots of chicken things and an adopted battery chicken sponsership. We now sponser Corky and Lady! see for further details!
Our next door neighbour, built me a table out of a huge cross section of wood, with a tree trunk as legs, he even carved our initials into it. It is soooo cool. Will have pride of place in the garden, when I muster up the energy to do it.

My family came over for a bar-b-q on Sunday and the weather was great! Jase fell asleep in front of the tv watching Shrek with my nephew. I raced around the kitchen, preparing salads, plates and drinks etc, muttering 'private catering' under my breath.
Everyone had a nice day, me included. Fell asleep at 10.30 and slept like a log!

Had to go to Guildford hospital for Jase's results. Good news, the 'Prof' is really pleased with his progress and blood tests! We celebrated by going into Southampton and did a bit of shopping. Had to visit John Lewis and have a healthy bowl of soup and sour dough bread! Ok, with 2 packs of butter!

Laverne is much better, Shirley is laying like a machine and Babs is just, well, free loading! No eggs from her for 2 weeks now. Think she might be moulting, or broody or just stubborn. They are still all my babies though!

Jase is back at work tomorrow for a 3 day trip, but I still have 5 days off. He is just packing and I have just caught him scraping chicken poo off his new shoes! Hehe. He loves them too!

I'm working at the Hampshire County Show in Romsey on Saturday, (the OMLET stand :0) ) so if you are passing, pop in and say hello. Until then. C x

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  1. Chicken poo on shoes - you mean to say he has shoes without any on?


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