Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Why is it that when I want something done, I can't wait a while to think things through?? The builder/gardener eventually sent me a text to explain that he was having a life crisis. I text back to say thats ok, call me when you get a chance. He did. He promised that he would give me a revised quote, as I had built the raised beds myself. 'I promise I will call you tomorrow' he said. That was last Saturday.

Today I decided that I could build the path linking the house to the garage and compost bins. How deluded am I? What qualifications do i have? Apart from owning a rather fine pair of Caterpiller boots, none! So it began. Got the trusty, heavy, mattock from the shed ( a kind of flat pick axe) and started hacking away at the earth. 1 1/2 hours later I had unearthed a 30cm patch. 5 more metres to go!

By the time I got to the cherry tree, I nearly passed out. Sweat dripping from my nose (not a good look) and black feet, as I was wearing my crocs. Thank God, 2 polish workers with tops off walked past the field next door. It gave me a chance to have a refreshing marlboro light and diet coke. To sit and watch the scenery.

After 4 hours of punishing-body-screaming-no, manual work, it is done! Well half of it. Covered in weed suppressing membrane it looks crap, but with a magical sprinkling of gravel it will do the job. Only the other half, fences to put up and a large flower bed to dig, and then i'm done! :0)

Think of the money i'm saving! I don't give a hoot about the money!! I have blisters on my hands, arms are killing me and my back is in spasm. I can hear the physio rubbing her hands together in glee. More money for her! The satisfaction of doing it myself, who cares! I'm aching!!!!! If I haven't lost 3 stone, then i'll be seriously hacked off.
A dinner of onion rings and hummous will do the trick. I always eat really badly when Jase is away. Delia Smith, One is fun, I think not.

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