Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Day in Stuttgart

After what seemed like an eternity, I finally arrived in Stuttgart last night! Weather delays and technical problems!!! I missed all of eurovision but managed to see the voting. What a farce. Maybe if we weren't an island we would get some votes! I had a fab nights sleep and dreamt of chickens (again)! I have found a chicken coup I really like the look of -

How cute are they???????

Will have to work on Jase to get more chickens, though not sure how he feels about the idea just yet. He is in Frankfurt, but home this evening and i'm away until tomorrow afternoon. A quick there and back Zurich flight on Tuesday, then off for 11 days :0)

I have to get the garden sorted and build paths around the garage, jobs i'm not really looking forward to. Manual labour isn't really my thing, but as the builder didn't show, I guess we will have to do it.

Sat here in my hotel room, eating hula hoops and wondering if I should venture out? I would normally pop to the shops, but Germany shuts on a Sunday and NOTHING is open! The room service menu is calling me.......... but might go for a walk as the weather is beautiful.

Back home the veggie Garden is doing well. The lettuce is appreciating the rain and I have more brussel sprout plants than I know what to do with. Space is running out fast and i need to think about the winter veg plot already! Really want to try and grow enough basics to give us something 'green' to feast on in winter.

Jase is loving shorthaul and after 11+ years on longhaul, I am so pleased that it is going ok. Its not been an easy few months for him, but i'm glad that life seems to be getting back to normal. He has had some lovely crews and seems to be settling in well and getting used to the mad-dash-throwing-out-sandwiches-and-drinks-with-only-10-minutes-to-landing, which is a common occurrence on all flights! However he is yet to do a 35 minutes Paris with 168 passengers all wanting 3 drinks! Hehe ;0)

Right, its half past 1 now and I really should get dressed and venture out. See you soon!
C x

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  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your hilarious blog - keep it going


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