Saturday, May 26, 2007

A day out with Omlet

Was up at the crack of dawn today, let the girls out and had a marlboro light and a cup of tea for brekkie!
Drove to Romsey for the Hampshire Show! Helping out at the Omlet Stand! Met the delightful Simon, see pics on>clothing>mens, thats his backside in the pants!!

I had a really good day! Got to talk to people all day about CHICKENS! Showed them my hen photo album (Simon laughed) but I sold an eglu!!!! He didn't! hehe
He put his 'Indiana Jones' hat on after a while as he said he was getting sun burnt! Cloudy day, i thought i was fine, until I got home. Red face, neck and flashing red nose. I look like i've been downing meths for years! I'm gonna ache tomorrow.

Back to work tomorrow, 7 days on again! Brussels tomorrow night then Oslo for a night, back home then off on another 3 day trip.
Taking laverne to an avian vet on Sunday 3rd, to see if he can work out her 'soft egg' problems. Hopefully a lie down on the couch and talking things through will help her. If she never lays another proper egg it doesn't matter. Wouldn't be without her! Shirley is still laying like a trooper and Babs is just Babs.

Off to bed now, up reasonably early to pack and get things sorted. Hoping days off will come round quickly.

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