Friday, January 29, 2010

No more sprouts

The weather was really strange today. Jase left at some ungodly hour of the morning and I got up around 7am. Black clouds whizzing across the sky, rain, then sun, hail and a few snow showers.

I drove into Marlborough to get some bits and did a food shop. Made the huge mistake of visiting Laura Ashley and spent rather too much on nice material for my next project. Have blown my self proclaimed fabric budget for the year, in one transaction.

This week has been dry, so we managed to stack the logs and I spent a couple of days in the veggie garden. All the beds have been dug over and weeded. The Hens decided to help.

Elsbeth and Pru paired off to search the perimeter. Lots of bugs to be had!

Winnie and Agnes with their bums in the air! Cornelia found a secret corner and feasted on slug eggs *yuck*

I started the week by going into town to renew my passport. What is it with passport photo booths? Eeek. Horrible photo. I was really hoping it would be returned quickly, as I am due back to work on Monday. Luckily, the courier arrived with my new passport at lunchtime. Complete with the kind of picture that will have me whisked away for interrogation by immigration.

As it was so nice this week, I got the planting bug. Broad beans went in and I plan to sit down next week and get the seed catalogues out. Will only plant what we actually eat and does well here. Gone are the days of brussels and broccoli, I just can't grow them. The cabbage whites will be so disappointed.

I spent tonight cutting squares for the patchwork quilt that, I think, will be a very long project. Cut 30, only 195 to go! Fire was lit early as it was baltic by 5pm. Fished out my Cath Kidson 'Sew' book and decided to make a couple of egg cosies. Well, it seems only fitting, as Agnes is laying nearly every day and the egg stock is looking healthier than it has done in months. Quite happy with the result. Will post a picture tomorrow.

Time for bed. Nighty nighty.

C x x

Update! A little pic of my egg cosy! 4 made so far!! Think I might sell these at my next craft fayre. What do you think?


  1. Christian, Mum and I have just looked at your egg cosies. We love them. They look brilliant.
    Vonnie xx

  2. Ahem - So you are not sticking to your resolution about not buying anything this year then LOL

    Love the egg cosy - and yes sell them -they will fly off the tables.

  3. I have 2 hybrids similar to pru....lovely natured hens and excellent mother!
    does she go very broody in spring?


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