Saturday, January 02, 2010

Is that the alarm?

I got up early again today and set about finishing off the chicken area MAJOR clearout. Put on my filthy clothes from yesterday and attempted to pressure wash the blue eglu. Top tip; Frozen hose pipes and pressure washers aren't a good combination. Ended up using a bucket of water and a brush until the hose pipe thawed out.

The orange eglu was scrubbed to within an inch of it's life yesterday. Slabs were cleaned, powdered liberally with disinfectant and refilled with soft, fluffy bedding.

Ignore the uneven slabs to the left of the picture. I was never very good at anything manual. Hence the patchwork, 'up and down' look to my paving! It does the job.....!

Whilst the cleaning crew (me), spent time scrubbing, digging and tidying, the girls had free range time in the garden. Surrounding by netting, they happily scratched at the lawn, rootling around for bugs.

Not sure what has happened, but Winnie's pantaloons are mighty impressive. She finished moulting a while ago, but these seem to have appeared over night.

Forgot to post a picture of the new dust bath 'house' that Next door made for the hens' Christmas pressie. They are still scared of it, but will get used to it eventually. They have managed to sit on the roof and leave a little present, but as yet, haven't had a bath.

I am actually quite embarrassed by the next picture. The veggie garden shut down for winter in about November and has stayed untouched since then!!

Having frozen my bits off for two days, I might as well spend another day outside tomorrow, to try and reclaim some 'veg cred'. I did add some composted chicken poo to the raised beds, but serious weeding needs to be done.

The chocolate mountain is being dented slightly. It is everywhere, in every room! I can't resist.

Jase is away on a 3 day trip tomorrow and I am back on Monday. Still don't know what I am doing, as they haven't filled my roster yet. Will find out at 6pm tomorrow night. Might get up with him at 4am tomorrow as that way I can get more done before work. That is the theory anyway. Will see how I feel in the morning........

C x x


  1. Your girls are beautiful Christian. Quick question. In the photo of winnie's bloomers, in the top right there is a lovely creamy buff coloured hen. What breed is she please? I hatched a chick in June who is her twin, but, as she came from a mixed batch of eggs from ebay, I don't know her breed!

  2. That'll be Agnes the BUFF SUSSEX! She is a beauty! Lays lovely cream eggs with a sheen to them (when she lays)!

    C x x

  3. ooh, I've got a buff Sussex, she is called Sunshine, DD named her when she hatched. Thanks Christian.


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