Friday, January 15, 2010

Chicken cuddles

The big melt is on it's way and flooding is now forecast! Oh, how we like some drama in Britain. The roads are slushy, but the chicken area has finally met the chickens' exacting standards. Enough bark is showing for them to scratch around, so they are prepared to come out of the run!

Work went wrong earlier in the week and I lost part of my trip due to snow at Heathrow. Came home and popped out to take a few more snow pictures.

There are raised beds somewhere under the snow -

I drove Jase to the airport today. He flew up to Glasgow to visit friends, I am going up tomorrow. All checked in and boarding card printed. The power of the internet!

We had a wood delivery tonight. 2 cubic metres of logs blocking the garage now. Many, many wheelbarrow loads to get that lot stacked. Just hope it stays dry on Monday.

Just chilling out with the fire lit and finished off the cushion for my neighbour. A proper commission piece. Sounds odd writing that, but I guess it is? I think he is rather sweet, just hope she likes him. *anxious* I have named him Hamish! He needs a collar still and maybe a name tag.

Elsbeth has no tail feathers and is looking like a right scruff. However, she did lay an egg yesterday! Agnes' comb is looking quite red and she squatted in front of me today, so that is a good sign. Eggs are on their way. I even managed to pick her up and give her a cuddle before bed. She is usually quite frosty towards me.

Plans are underway for making my quilt. I have ordered a rotary cutter and self sealing mat. No idea what they are for, but was told they would make it much easier! We will see. Just the fabric to choose and then I will get started! Now, do I have fabric in the house? I think I might have a bit stashed away somewhere.

Have to be up at the crack of sparrows, so better sign off.

C x x

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