Friday, January 01, 2010

January the first!

Seeing as it is the first of January, I would like to wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you all have a happy & healthy one. *smiles*

Another year and another blog entry. Don't you get bored reading my stuff?? Hee hee.

Jase went to bed around 10ish late night, after falling asleep on the sofa. I managed to keep my eyes open until 11, then headed upstairs. Woke up around 7 and let the hens out. The bantams next door fancied a lie in, but thought I had corn and came dashing out! Blimmin' freezing start to the new year. Minus 1 and really cold in the wind.

Have decided to get my hat, scarf and gloves, brave the elements and finally clear out the chicken runs today. The lifting of soiled bedding should keep me warm! Just need to find somewhere to put it! We have a paddock behind the house that is unused and the neighbours all seem to use it for garden waste. Might take the wheel barrow for a walk around there *wink*

I am looking at a mountain of chocolate and thinking 'is it wrong to have that for breakfast'? Yes it is. I know. Will make toast. With nutella. A compromise.

Better get my backside ready. Enjoy your day!

C x x .


  1. happy new year and thanks so much for a brilliant blog - inspirational and entertaining!

    Doodles :-)

  2. Happy New Year to you, Jase and the girls, of course.

    Keep up the good work with the blog-I love reading it.It always makes me smile.

    love Suzanne x

  3. Happy New Year to you and Jase and the girls! You have brightened my day with your laugh out loud comment about 'being down with the kids' and NO it is not wrong to have chocolate for breakfast, its traditional at Christmas! Love Kim x


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