Monday, February 08, 2010


Good afternoon and greetings from Germany! I arrived late last night and fly back tomorrow at the crack of sparrows!
Been out to the supermarket and bought 3 pots of goose fat, gravy powder, bread and cheese. I still have a few things to finish off sewing. The crazy life of cabin crew. We know how to live!

Last week at work, I managed to burn my hand on a boiling pot of coffee. Ever since, my wrist has been killing me. It is just under a week now and it is still so sore. Loathed as I am to visiting the Doctor, I might have to later this week.

Not much going on in the garden, but did spot the first of the snowdrops

The daffs are springing up everywhere too. A sign that Spring is finally on the way.

My part time week starts on the 20th Feb and I have to do something with the back and front garden. The geraniums are a brown sloppy mess and I seem to have piles of rotting vegetation that were once flowers. I am a gardening slut and am ashamed. Have left it way too long and am now faced with a mammoth task ahead of me. Have a chicken course planned for the 21st and then I will tackle the garden. Promise.

The 3 bins need turning and should give me plenty of rich compost to spread around the garden and veggie plot.

Woke up yesterday to see a massive damp patch on the beam that separates the lounge/diner. About 1.5 metres long! Just what we need. Spoke to next door and was told that there aren't any water pipes as such through that part of the house, only heating pipes. Jump to me, turning off the mains water, boiler and radiators in that part of the house. Realising that I need to change the hens' water, I climbed behind the washing machine again to turn the water back on! What a stupid place for a stop cock! I went into the loft to see if there was a problem up there, but nothing. No leaks into the office or our bedroom, so it must be the heating pipes under the floorboards.

Am away until Tuesday, so will deal with it then. Just one thing after another. *rolls eyes*

On a more positive note, the egg cosies I made have been well received and I might be selling them on line. Just need to send a couple off for inspection by the 'Chief buyer' *wink* and then who knows? Next stop John Lewis. Hee hee.

Better sign off now as my wrist is playing up again!

Have a great week everyone.

C x x

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