Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Any eggs?

Good afternoon!

Glad to report that my 3 days of classroom training did not result in a fail, or losing the will to live (not quite). A day of lifting training and customer service (please, taking crew off the aircraft is not conducive to customer service) followed by aviation medicine and then on the last day, emergency training. When you cannot take anymore, they make you do an exam at the eleventh hour! Clicking away on the mouse, to get out as soon as poss, before the building suffocated me. It has to be the most depressing place on Earth. BUT IT IS DONE FOR ANOTHER YEAR!! Yay!!!!!

Am now in Royal Edinburgh, on my own as the rest of the crew flew back to London (that was the plan, it wasn't because they didn't like me) and my new crew arrive later. Am due to fly to Hamburg tomorrow, but more snow is forecast, so time and gritting will see if I get there!

Our lane is still covered in snow and ice and Councils are running out of grit. They have been told to only grit major roads now, so if we do get more snow we will be scuppered. I don't mind when at home, as have enough food to eat and wood to burn (ish - running low) and plenty to do in the house, but it is the driving to work that becomes a problem.

Reports on the tv have shown neighbours actually helping each other. Like War time Britain, people are chatting, clearing snow and helping the elderly, as so many roads are still blocked with snow. Nice that people pull together when they need to.

It is freezing here. 'They' (who ever they are)? are forecasting more heavy snow for our area on the Hampshire/Wiltshire borders. It has already started snowing in Devon/Cornwall and heading our way. Lovely, If I am at home, but worried it will head for Heathrow! First thing they do is cancel Domestic flights! Might be up here a while.

Non smoking hotel, damn and blast, so having to pop outside every so often! Luckily, there is a 'crew room' next to the exit, so filling up on tea and home made biscuits every time I go out. That wasn't a New Years resolution. I am still eating biscuits *wink*

Having had a chance to chill out and catch up on a few blogs I like, I saw that many are making quilts. Something I fancy doing! A large quilt for our bed, simple colours, nothing complicated. Will crack on with that soon I think.

The garden can wait as it still a blanket of white. Veggie garden is worst, so not much to be done out there at present.

The hens are really hacked off with the snow and I don't even open the run doors in the morning. They would rather stay in under the protection of the run. Ruth, who I get my chicken feed from, very kindly dropped off a 20kg sack of wheat, so they aren't going without! Pru laid another egg yesterday!!!! A whopper, bless her. They are still getting their pellets porridge mixed with sweetcorn and a sprinkle of chicken spice every day. Spoilt hens.

Have started listing chicken courses again now. The runs are looking good, except for the snow and am so pleased that they are all done for a few months. Having said that, the amount of time the hens are spending inside, they might need cleaning out sooner.

Waiting for Jase to call with a snow report! He has milk and bread so should be ok!

C x x


  1. have you noticed that EVERYONE'S BLOG is snow orientated.....lol
    how boring are we British?

  2. Well done Pru! Our hens haven't laid a thing for ages, and won't even venture out of their houses if there's much snow on the ground. They do enjoy the occasional treat of warm pasta when it's cold though!


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