Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I'm dreaming of.....

...a white January!

As anticipated, the snow that was forecast finally hit Hampshire yesterday! Luckily we are both off, although work emailed us and said that all flights this afternoon were cancelled, so we would have been off anyway! Sod's law!

We stocked up on food yesterday and headed back home to weather proof the chicken area. We hung a couple of shades up from the fence to the end of the run, to try and give the hens some protection from the snow. Wood stacked up by the back door to save frozen feet traipsing to the log store!

Having had a power cut a couple of years ago, that lasted 4 days *shock*, we bought a small gas camping stove. The house has a oil boiler and electric cooker, so if we lose power, we cannot cook or heat the house! The fire in the lounge comes into it's own and the camping stove will help! I always have enough candles in the house, enough wax to rival Madame Tussauds!

The girls are less than impressed. I let them out this morning and they refused to leave the eglus. A bowl of warming pellet porridge did tempt them to venture in the run though. Was amazed when we heard the 'egg laying call' yesterday morning. Rushed out and Prudence had laid! Our first egg of 2010! Well done that girl.

Jase fell asleep on the sofa after lunch, so I wrapped up warm and took a few pictures.

Our lane -

The house -

The view from the office window -

The driveway -

As you can see, not very deep, but enough to cause chaos around here. Very few cars on the road, just the occasional tractor. We have lots of food, milk and wood. We'll be ok!

Both back to work on Saturday, so wondering if the roads will be any better by then? The main roads are clear according to our neighbour, but I am not risking it on the country lanes around here. Mortimer the Mini is ok in snow, as he is pretty heavy (well with me in him) and front wheel drive, but Jase's BMW is rear wheel drive and a nightmare on ice! Will see what the roads are like on Friday and see how we go.

More snow forecast for Sunday! It is already -3.2 now and dropping! We have had temperatures of -8 this week. The coldest winter for 30 years according to the press. At least it will kill off some bugs. Time to get the nuclear tog duvet out I think. The hot water bottle will be in use tonight.

Hope you are all ok? Stay warm!

C x x


  1. I have a large allotment and now over 50 hens,couldn't afford an eglu though!!!

  2. Christian, my BIL has a beemer and suffered the same problems as Jase, until he bought some AutoSock. might be worth a look for the future.

  3. Love the photos - we have snow soooo deep, nothing can get down our lane, and I had to dig my way to the chooks who I have de-camped to the lean-to green house on the back of the garage. They are NOT impressed with all this snow - six inches and still snowing. Haven't had a thaw since the first lot of snow before Christmas. Thank goodness for freezers and a full larder. And being able to cook bread and anything else we need. Like you - we are oil and electric - so I keep my finger crossed in times like these.

    Bed socks - BED SOCKS at your age. I thought you had your love to keep you warm

  4. Nice pics - lovely looking house!
    Stay warm




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