Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chickens on ice!

Morning everyone! I DID make it home! Arrived back on the 22nd of December in the early evening. Panic hadn't quite set in, but I did have visions of spending Christmas in Manchester!

Haven't been around much as Festivities seem to get in the way of blogging.

Spent Christmas eve chilled out wrapping presents. Ridiculously late - not like me at all, but time ran away with me this year.

On Christmas morning, we lit the fire and opened our presents. I did very well! A Nigella colander, 6 1/2 litres Le Parfait jars (yes, I was excited)! A huge bag of M&M's from the M&M factory in Las Vegas (Jase had been the week before), an Abercrombie and Fitch hoodie - I am now 'down with the kids', a Coke thermos mug for my early morning drive to work, enviromesh and fleece for the veggie garden, to scupper those pests, and lots of other bits and bobs.

Jase is loving the OWL electricity monitor I bought him. Think I might regret it though. He keeps turning the lights off!
My Mum, Dad & Gran popped over in the afternoon and we had nibbles, before they headed home. Christmas dinner was served at 5.30 and we were too stuffed to have the pudding I made, so settled for Dime bar cheesecake instead!

On Boxing day we all descended on my Parents and had a really nice day with my Niece and Nephew, who were very patient and waited until after lunch to open their presents. We left around 8.30pm as we were driving to Scotland the next day.

We planned to leave at 7.30am for the long drive to Ayr, but didn't get up until 7.45, so that put us back a bit! The journey was fine apart from a traffic jam somewhere on the M5 - it all blurs into one after a while. Made a few pit stops to refuel on Coffee (tea for me), but arrived safely around 5pm. Had a very relaxing time, with J's Mum force feeding us home made treats, chocolates and cakes! We did plan to stay until the 30th, but a severe weather warning around Wales/the Midlands forced us to leave on the 29th and drive back, praying the snow wouldn't start! Shame we had to leave early, but better than being stuck on the motorway, with not enough food! Heaven forbid!

Realised I haven't posted any Christmas pictures, so here you go!

Rita, the Christmas tree. The name seemed to suit her!

The fireplace complete with wooden reindeer, made by next door as part of our Christmas present!

You have to have a box of treats on the coffee table!

I couldn't bring myself to stick cards to our new doors with sellotape, so hung ribbons from the pegs at the back and stapled cards to them. Looks much nicer IMO. Must get the pinking shears out to make tags for next year!

Jase left for work at 6am this morning and I got up not long after. I am back on the 4th January, so a bit of time to get stuff done. I have promised next door that I would make her a tartan scottie dog cushion. Have the fabric and pattern ready, just need to muster the energy. Haven't sewn for a couple of weeks, but every time I sit down to do it, I think about the state of the chicken area, garden and veggie plot and the thousand and one other jobs that need doing.

January isn't too busy roster-wise. A couple of 3 days trips and my annual check - jumping out of mock up planes, pretending to evacuate and playing nurse with resuss-Annie! 3 days of classroom stuff. Yuck. We are heading up to Glasgow for a weekend to visit friends, so that'll be good.

Still no eggs from the free loaders. They are fine and very content, eating little and often and pleased that their run is no longer 2 inches thick with ice. They refused to come out of their run, even for corn, but mealworms did tempt them eventually. Winifred the brave, was first out. using her claws like a rock climbing pro, to stab the ice and get her grip. Elsbeth came flying around the corner, slipped, and skidded around the run on her fluffy knickers! The others were more sensible and waited until I put the mealworms inside their covered run!

If it stays dry, then I will clean them out tomorrow and Saturday. Thinking it will be about 4-5 wheelbarrows of used bedding from the covered runs, but I have an empty compost bin now.

Next door are away over New Year, so we are on Bantam watch. At least we will get some eggs!

Have put on a bit of weight I think. My New Years resolution is to stop weighing myself. There is no need. If my clothes are tight, I have put on weight, why did I need to know the figure??? It only gets you down! Actually, scrub that. I am not making any New Year's resolutions. I do want to learn more about photography and set up my website shop, but that has nothing to do with NYRs. Just something I want to do and now is a good time.

Will change the bedding today and get some cash out. MUST have fresh sheets and a small amount of cash for New Year's day. Just something I always do. Quirky, but very me.

Will leave you with a nice picture of my Father Christmas! Hope you all have a very happy and healthy New year!

C x x x

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  1. Happy new year to the both of you - thanks for a great years' reading!


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