Saturday, March 01, 2008

Pinch, punch, first day of the month!

Evening all!

After a gusty night with little sleep and the occasional power cut, I woke up early and started to prepare for the day.  Hen course at 10am and a few bits to do.  Signs went up down the lane, thank goodness for my trusty staple gun! 

Let the girls out at 6.45 and was greeted with 2 eggs!  Winifred was the first out, as always, and squatted for me to pick her up.  Well she squatted for something else, but we won't go there! I gave her a cuddle and watched the sun rise over the long field.  Lovely day.  

We suffered very minor damage with the gales last night.  Only losing a potted conifer pot on the drive, that I was never very keen on anyway. 

Pam and her daughter from the Omlet forum, arrived at 9.45.  We chatted briefly before the others arrived at 10.  Nice bunch and they seemed to enjoy it.

Pam brought me a goody bag containing chicken poop lip balm, a jar of home made apple and pear chutney and some pistachio dark chocolate fudge.  Absolutely delicious!  That is a definite addition to my repertoire.  She also emailed links to a few gorgeous websites, naughty lady.  One that sell lovely little paper bags.   Thinking Christmas pressies already, sorry!

Jase is mega delayed from Prague and won't be home until at least 11pm tonight.  I have managed to swap my 8.10am stand by tomorrow for 5.05am Paris and back......regretting that now!  So tired and have to be up at 2.45am!  At least I will be back in time to pick his Mum up from Southampton airport.  

House is blitzed and looking good.  Fire is stacked and ready to light, beds made, bathrooms cleaned and the eternal cob webs removed.  We have millions of the bloody things.  I spend ages getting rid of them, normally as I walk through them *rolls eyes*

Jase's operation is on Monday and I am starting to worry now.  What am I talking about, I am always worried.   Surgery in the afternoon and should be out by Tuesday morning.  What happened to 3-4 days in to recover???  Even with Bupa, they want you in and out as quickly as possible.  

I went to a private hospital a few years ago to have my wisdom teeth out.  Only in for a day, even after a general anesthetic.  Shame, as the menu looked lovely!  Wouldn't have been able to eat anything anyway as it hurt to swallow.  Hamster cheeks aren't a look.  

Luckily I have a few very quick day trips this week, so will be home to 'tend' to the boy.  Must get him a little bell to ring!  As if.  

I'm rambling now as the sleep deprivation has finally kicked in.  

Cup of tea and a quick ciggie and i'm off to bed.   Don't preach.  I know, I know!

C x x x  


  1. Thanks for taking the time to phone us Christian re grit, dispite having a web designer son this was my first venture into reading a blog! Lovley to see how your garden developed. We see you like Harry Potter our youngest son is working on the sixth movie at the moment (his second) SJ & P

  2. Hi Christian,
    Lots to say. Nothing important, EXCEPT to wish Jason well.

    More anon. (Apart from Many thanks for so much entertainment from your blog - you and Allotment Lady have kept me going throughout the winter !!)
    Hope to join one of your 'classes' soon.
    Best Regards.
    Max Youngs-Winter (Mayo from the Omlet forum)

    (Agree wholeheartedly with your desire for good grammar etc., so, since you asked that we shouldn't, I shan't mention the feather; and, as for double-barrelled names . . )

    Hope to meet you soon.

  3. No probs SJ, anytime!

    Hello Mayo and thanks for reading! Will refrain from making comments about DB names in future! *wink*

    Hope to meet you on a course soon

    C x


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