Sunday, March 23, 2008

Is there chicken poo on my jumper??

Yesterdays course went well, but it was sooo cold. The snow/sleet started as we were going outside. After Winifred 'the demo' chicken had been passed around and the eglu dismantled and explained, we headed back indoors.

I popped into town after they had all left, forgetting it was Saturday. On Easter weekend. Can you imagine??? I shy away from weekend shopping at the best of times, but bank holiday weekends are an absolute nightmare. Every great unwashed person had left the comfort of their sofas and crap tv and headed into town. Children with painted faces greeted me as I walked into Waitrose. The cubs were helping at the tills. Bob-a-job week! Oh no!

The 'cubs', who were girls (?) helped me pack my bags and for once didn't put the tinned goods on top of the soft stuff! Emily, 'my personal helper' received a £2 coin, as that was all I had in my wallet. She was dead chuffed and called out to her friend Katy at the till next door!
"Pssst, Katy!! 2 quid!!!! Yeeessss"! Bless her

Had a lazy night watching TV and fell asleep on the sofa in front t'fire. Fire guard was up luckily. Its becoming a bit of a habit when Jase is away. So comfy and lovely watching the embers glowing.

Woke up at 6am with an awful pain in my back that clicked back into place when I stood up. Left a very fetching 'arse and thigh' groove in the sofa! Got ready early as had another hen course today.
A few pictures -

Me trying very hard to jump out of the way of the camera! *wink*

Dan holding Winifred with Gary

He was the only one who didn't get covered in 'essence of chicken', as she had wiped her feet clean on mine and Ros' tops.

Ros feeding the girls mixed corn -

(Stop admiring my muscular thighs)!! *wink*

Introducing the Debbie Mcgee of the chicken world!
(Notice the standard 'chicken poo down the front of fleece')

Lovely bunch of people! Had scones, cake and tea then the Q & A session!

Still cold here now, but it has stopped snowing and the sun is out. Mum and Dad are on their way over, so best get ready.


C x


  1. Congratulations on your course CHristian, sounds like another winner! Hazelxx (WitchHazel)

  2. Great site, ahem .well it does take me a while to find my way round . .
    Thank you for sharing your expertise . .just wish you lived closer!! `another chick chum :)


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