Monday, March 10, 2008

Busy week

Jase had his gall bladder surgery, his Mum came down from Scotland and I was working in between.
Jase is doing well, sore, but ok.  He has 4 small cuts in his stomach with a few stitches but they are healing nicely.  He is only taking pain killers at night, so he sleeps through.  The surgeon said it was a 'nasty gall bladder'.  That is the experienced medical term for a bag full of stones!
When we visited him in his room after the op, he was awake and groggy but fine.  He started doing James Bond impressions, so the pain killers were clearly doing their job, hee hee.

He has been signed off work for 2 weeks and will see how he feels after that.  

It was lovely to have his Mum down for the week.  She pottered around and did some cleaning. We went out a couple of times, just the two of us, did some shopping etc  

I got back from a 2 day trip this morning and am off now for 3 days.  My flight was delayed a couple of hours last night and we swayed down the runway like an albatross attempting to lift off!  Luckily it was a big plane.  I wouldn't have fancied sitting at the back of the smaller things I normally fly on.  
Slept for 5 hours when I got home, so must have needed it.  The wind is horrendous.  The rain is worse.  We have been lucky to escape any damage so far.  

No power cuts as yet *touch wood*, but the gas camping stove is on stand by for emergency cups of tea.  The fire basket is stacked ready for the power outage.

Jase has finally relented.  We had beef olives for dinner with roast potatoes cooked in GOOSE FAT!  They tasted so good!  I haven't had any since Christmas day.  Had a slice of white bread afterwards to mop up the gravy. Delish.

3 eggs today and looks of disgust as the weather has been so pants!  The girls really aren't enjoying the wind and rain and spend most of their time huddled together in the run.  
Laverne has finally started squatting again after not doing so for months and Shirley has become more interested in being stroked.  Maybe they will become 'demo' chickens too?? They are clearly jealous of Winifred always being picked up and passed around!

I have 3 course dates on the Omlet forum still available which are filling up slowly.  3 or 4 courses fully booked, so that'll keep me busy for now.

Jamie Oliver's hot cross buns and marmalade with custard in the oven as I type (hope he doesn't mind) and a roaring fire.  

Nice to be home again.

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  1. Glad to read that Jase is on the mend - lets hope that this year he will be in good health.

    Jamie Oliver's recipes in the oven sound divine


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