Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thunder storms and flash floods!

Here I am, back at work. One flight out to Barcelona.
Been shopping for a few bits and pieces from my favourite stationary shop. I refuse to pay £15 connection for the internet in the hotel, so will write this now and ‘publish’ it when I get home on Monday. Hate not having access to the internet, just shows how much I rely on it. What did I do before I had it? Spoke to people and wrote letters I suppose.

Have my book and a couple of cans of diet coke. Will have to settle for this month’s Grow Your Own magazine, a cheese sandwich and a bag of quavers. I know how to live.

Jase is back to work on Monday for 2 days then off again. Ease him in gradually. I have just started a 6 day block. Yuck. For some reason, they have cancelled my Terminal 5 tour at work on Tuesday. Would have been nice to see the terminal now it is nearly finished. Never mind, I will see it when we start checking in there in May.

From what I have heard it is too small. The crew report centre that is. The terminal is huge. Passengers should be advised to bring a small scooter with them. Or a pair of roller boots.

I picked up a copy of the crew magazine today as it included the new announcement booklet for Terminal 5.

‘Welcome to Terminal 5, the new home of British Airways’ as if I am ever going to say that. Its cheeserama. Whoever thinks of these things? I bet some manager received a huge bonus for that little gem.

The hotel room is hermetically sealed. Reflective glass windows that I can’t open. After spending time on a plane, i long for some air and its just not possible. Can’t abide the air conditioning. At least spring has appeared here, its quite warm outside. Not that the Spanish think its warm judging by the thick winter coats they are all wearing!!

Off to enjiy my sandwich and book now, will update you all from Milan if I get a chance.

C x x

In Milan now and finally connected to the internet!!! Had to pay, but couldn't take it any longer. I got to my room and the heavens opened. Thunder and lightning, very very frightening! The rain drops are massive and bouncing off my window sill. Glad I didn't go out for dinner now.

In a weird mood, bit grumpy. Want to get home asap. 3 flights until i'm there. Only day 3 of 6 tomorrow. Ho hum. Half way there I suppose.

Night all!

C x x (again)


  1. You are only missing hailstones weather wise - or at least here you would be.

    Snow forecast here for the weekend.

    Is Jase doing an Easter Egg Hunt around the garden for you when you get back - now that would cheer you up.


  2. I am running 2 chicken courses this weekend AL, better get the wet weather gear out for them!

    Thanks again for leaving a comment!

    I am still reading your blog!

    C x


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