Thursday, February 28, 2008

Village news

Rapidly approaching the end of my part time week off and feel like I have done very little.  
Jason's Mum is coming 'doon' from Scotland on Sunday to stay for a few days.  He has his gall bladder operation booked for Monday at 12.30.  I am at work until 12, so can't take him to hospital.  Bloody work.  Couldn't get the day off.  

Anyway, the girls are fine and laying well.  Tucked them up earlier and read them a story.  I am joking.  They seem to be free from worms for now and Pru is looking perkier.  Shirley's feathers are nearly back to the original colour again and the rest are content with the bunch of spinach hanging from the gate.  

I am hosting another hen party this Saturday, 7 booked and should be a nice day.  Someone from the Omlet forum who is also running courses is coming to see how I do them.  Ooooh the pressure.  Tempted to get some cards laminated to look professional.  Then again, how professional can you look in wellies with chicken poo all down your front?  I have warned her to leave the red markers at home.  

Baked some 'hobnobs style'* biscuits for the party today and will bake some scones tomorrow.  All organised, just the house to vacuum and eglus to blitz in the morning.

* not Hobnobs, due to copyright law *wink*

Jason has been on the union forum and is getting worked up about people's English.  Lose and loose and his personal favourites!!!  "I can't afford to loose a trip this month" Its lose you moron!!!!  He gets so worked up its so funny.  I have to admit I am a stickler too.  Don't get me wrong, my spelling can be awful and I wouldn't leave home without a dictionary, but at least I try to spell correctly.  You have no idea how many times I proof read things before  I post.  

It has become an obsession, even asking Jase to read things before 'publication'.  I suppose some people don't care, but I like to take time with my writing and try to use correct grammar and punctuation.  

Oh and please no messages  if you spot something on my blog, okay?? Hee hee.

My back is so sore and I need to go to the doctors for more pain killers.  I find it hurts more when I stop.  If I keep busy it's alright.  I have visions of me in a back brace if I don't take it easier. *Yikes* 

Made several batches of chilli and beef olives for the freezer today.  Ready to defrost when Jennifer comes to stay.  Managed to get day trips when Jason is in hospital so I can at least visit and take the obligatory grapes and car magazine.  

I can't tell you how nice it is to have oil.  The satisfying click as I crank up the thermostat!!  We had cavity wall insulation done not long after moving in, so I dread to think how cold this house would have been without it.  Roll on summer.  

The sweet pea and tomato seeds I planted are doing well.  The little green house that next door gave me is wonderful, now that it is 'bungee'd' to the house.  No more flying seed trays!!  

I have started off some extra marigold seeds to take to the village fair in June.  It isn't our village (we have 8 houses) but a little way down the lane.  

The plant stand was a sorry affair last year.  A couple of straggly green things in pots and a 2 foot high runner bean plant!  Who buys one runner bean plant???  I might even grow some veggie plants for them.  The organisers are all very well to do.  Double barreled names and wax jackets.  They mean well.

The headline on last months newsletter was 'Bus shelter receives new thatch'.  Its a fast moving world, isn't it???

Off to bed soon.  Hot water bottle at the ready!!

Night night all

C x x x 

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