Friday, March 28, 2008

5 eggs in a basket

Had weird ears for a few days now (the ears themselves are the same as always *wink*), think I have an infection coming. I keep getting dizzy and No, I haven't been drinking. The room starts to spin and I have to hold on to something pretty quickly. Will see how it goes over the weekend.  Back to work on Monday for a 3 day trip.  The fiasco, aka Terminal 5, should be a laugh and I am not convinced I will be going anywhere, judging by the cancellations at the mo.  

Had friends over to stay last night and tried a new indian restaurant not far from us. Very good food and a lovely evening. Julia discovered my stash of homemade raspberry vodka and was regretting it this morning.

I am now officially calling our Village 'Tornado Valley'. It is so windy here again today. The girls are being blown around the run, ducking for cover during every gust. It can't be too bad for them as we have had 5 eggs today.

So pleased I cleaned out the runs yesterday, when it was dry. 5 compost bags full of the finest chicken muck you could want. Even though I don't want it. We have 3 compost bins full of the stuff. Took me 2 hours to move the eglus and scrape up the 'fertiliser' into bags, then disinfect the area and put it all back again. Its only done every 6 weeks or so, not too bad a job.

Jase is in Camberley having new contact lenses fitted, he has to walk around the town for 30 mins to get used to them. If you see a tall Scottish bloke walking into Dorothy Perkins, looking for wide screen tvs, you'll know its him! *hee hee*

Was going to make carrot and banana cake for tomorrow's hen course but running low on eggs, so it'll be scones and homemade hobnobs instead. I like to keep a selection of eggs to show the hen course 'attendees'.

I made Nigella's pistachio chocolate fudge the other day. Truly, the work of the devil, with the added bonus of being freezable. It comes out of the freezer soft, so can be eaten straight away. No hanging around waiting to defrost. Not that I would wait anyway. It will be made again for Christmas pressies I think.

Fire is stacked and loaded with coal. Have a feeling its going to be cold tonight. Yep, just checked and -1!!!

Off to catch up with Country Living mag and their 'chickens special' pull out. The world has gone chicken mad, can only be a good thing.


C x


  1. Have fun on your with your course - and hope T5 next week is not as painful for as it has been so far.

    Expecting new hatchlings in the next 24 hours so exciting.

  2. Thanks Dilly! Course went well!

    Lovely group.

    New hatchlings, ooohhh off to have a look!

    C x


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