Sunday, April 06, 2008

you want fries with that?

Arrived in Madrid at lunchtime and headed out to the shops.  23 degrees and tshirt weather.  The Spanish were in their winter coats, scarves and gloves.  They must have thinner blood than us Brits.  

Found a pair of jeans and tried on 15+ tops, all looked a little too figure hugging for my liking.   A zepplin in a condom springs to mind.  What is it with 'stretch' fabric these days??  Oh god, I sound old.  

Walked back to the hotel, basking in the sun.  Avoided McDonalds, as i thought after the recent shopping nightmare it was wise.  Filet-o-fish was calling me, but I resisted.  Just.

Went to bed at a reasonable time and was woken by 3 Americans screaming outside my door.  They weren't being attacked, just being loud and brash.   I threw open my door and yelled at them to shut up.  I wasn't happy.  A bloke shouting at you at 2am in boxers shorts, tshirt and 'big hair' terrified them.  The fact that I was squinting at them, as had forgotten my glasses, didn't help.  Must have been quite scary.  Tough.  

Pick up in 2.5 hours............

"Snow"?? I said, as the Captain made his announcement, welcoming passengers on the flight.  "It'll be a couple of flakes on the control tower and Heathrow will grind to a halt"!!!  
I was wrong.  
When we came through the clouds the countryside was covered in pure white fluffiness!  Shame I didn't have my camera handy.  

We landed into Terminal 1 so all should have been easy.  Wrong again.  No steps.  Correction, 2 sets of steps, but 'elf and safety said they were too dangerous as were covered in snow.  How this country became a superpower is beyond me? 

The Milan flight was cancelled so here I am, back at home!!!!  Always the best nightstop.  
Jase is on a Rome and back, due to take off at 12.40.  Last heard from him at the report centre at 2pm......who knows what is going on??  

5 eggs today and the girls are wandering around their 'garden'.  It was once lush with grass, but is now barked as they ate it all.   I gave them a handful of mixed corn and left them scratching away happily.   Might treat them to spinach later.  

Update, Jase's flight is now showing 3pm take off!  Its going to be a late one for him.  I find out at 6pm what I am now doing tomorrow.  Something vile no doubt.

Off for a nap as I can't believe I was up at 3.25 this morning and I still have the energy to type without falling asleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..................

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