Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh What A Week!

The week started well with me preparing for the arrival of Christmas.  Presents wrapped and adorned with festive baubles and cinnamon sticks.  Cards written and posted and apart from the state of the house, all was going well.  

At 6pm on the 22nd,  Jase had the pain in his chest/stomach again.  Off to hospital we went. Suspected perforated ulcer in his stomach.  Xray showed it wasn't, so off to have an ultra sound.   

He has gall stones!!!!  After years of remegel and gaviscon, the source of his indigestion is known!!!  The Doctor advised us not to go to Scotland for Christmas, so I made the call to tell his Mum and Sister.  

They decided to drive down here with the dog!  Panic stations.  Jase was in hospital and the house was a bomb site.  No Christmas decorations up and to top it all the fridge only contained milk and capers.

The Christmas garland for the mantle piece was lost, but was finally located in a suitcase in the loft!


Jase came out of hospital on the 23rd and was given a duster and a list of jobs.  Bedding to be washed and bathrooms to be cleaned.  In fairness, the Family told me to do nothing, as they would bring all the food.  I did manage to brave Waitrose on the 23rd to get a few bits. 

They all arrived at 7pm.  Jason's Mum, Sister and Sister's boyfriend who did all the driving. Mac the springer spaniel was in the boot and seemed happy to stretch his legs.  It was lovely to see them and I was so pleased that they drove all the way to spend Christmas with us.

On Christmas eve Jase developed more pains and we went to our local Doctor.  He explained what was happening and prescribed massive pain killers and told Jase to avoid fat.  Perfect news on Christmas eve!! Spaced out on pethidine, we headed home.  
My Mum and Dad had popped over with my Gran to see us before they went to Germany for Christmas.  Jase was feeling much better after pain killers and a proper explanation as to what was happening.

We had a help yourself dinner of sliced meats, pork pies, salad and bits and Jase was very careful as to what he ate.  Bed by 11pm and waited patiently for Father Christmas..........

He came in the early hours as I heard the reindeer land on the roof. 
 After a bite of jaffa cake and a Tunnocks tea cake he was off into the night, leaving a huge pile of presents.

The Hen watering can, absolutely fantastic!

Chicken bowls!

And a BHWT  key ring that
 doubles as a coin for your shopping trolley!! Hehe.

My first Christmas dinner was cooked without too much trauma.  Everyone enjoyed it and it was a very relaxed affair.  Jase didn't suffer too much and had just about everything that we had.  Shame he couldn't have any chocolates though.

On Boxing day, I had to work as I didn't get leave and the Clan headed back to Scotland.   

Thanks to Jennifer, Vari, Fraser and of course Mac to driving down to make Christmas special!

The Girls are fine and laying well.  Shirley is still moulting and looking a real scruff bag.  Her feathers are a muddy brown colour, but her new tail feathers are growing back a beautiful beetle black now.  She is still laying a couple of eggs a week, but I wish she would take it easy for a while.  

They now all sleep on the blue eglu at night, but we still need to orange eglu for when we are away for a couple of nights.  I need to rethink the chicken area, as we have a nocturnal visitor at the moment.  More of that later!

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