Monday, December 31, 2007

Another year! :o)

Sat here waiting for Jason to come home.  Been a busy day doing bits and pieces.  More bits than pieces actually.  Let the girls out this morning and was greeted with 3 eggs at 7.50am.  Bless them.  

They have a lodger with them at the moment.  Well more of a free loader.  Mr Rat has finally discovered the chicken area after 18 months of vermin free living.  Horses moved into the field next to us and suddenly we have rats.  Evil things.  

I managed to get a rat trap on ebay but so far, corn, peanut butter, chocolate and bacon haven't tempted the bugger.  He has dug a hole under the run and visits most nights to feast on chicken food.  I tried bringing the food in at night, but the Girls spill so much of it, there is little point.   Need to get a terrier.

Looking at putting the eglus and run onto paving slabs now, as that should stop the long tailed nuisance from getting in.  £80 ish so far for the slabs which we can't afford at the moment.  No wonder we are going through so much chicken food.  Mr Rat must be holding a banquet every night, inviting his ratty friends over for an all you can eat buffet!!

I spent yesterday and today cooking up nice things for tonight.  Nigella's ham in cherry coke, moonblush tomatoes, very easy, some prunes and cream cheese wrapped in parma ham and a very low fat banana cake.  No icing.  Well maybe a little bit.

Jase should be home by 10pm, so will light the fire shortly and settle down with a book I got for Christmas.  New Years resolutions are not one of my strong points but I have made a list (now there's a surprise) *wink*

  1. Be tidy and put things away
  2. Stop leaving half finished cans of diet coke all over the house........
  3. same goes for cups of tea.....
  4. and glasses of squash.......
  5. Try and think more carefully about spending money
  6. Earn more money (!)
  7. Win the lottery (that overrules 5 & 6)
  8. Be grateful for what I have.  

These should be relatively easy to stick to!  My life has changed so much in the past year or so, I am a much more content person.  Still would love to own more land, grow more veggies, make more jam etc but the little slice of paradise I have is more than enough for now. 

I have a little routine before New year.
I have a fiver in my wallet, the kitchen bin is empty, the beds changed and the washing up done (well dish washer full).  Stupid things I like to do before midnight, but that is me all over.  Crazy, barking mad, Loop the loop are all things I am called on a regular basis, but I am me.  

Wishing you all the very best for the coming New Year and thank you for reading my drivel, thoughts and ideas over the past few months.  I hope I have kept you entertained with my stories and hope you continue reading next year.  

Bye for 2007!

C x x x  

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