Thursday, December 13, 2007

Calling Helsinki, Come In Helsinki

We arrived last night, freezing cold and an hour late.  Luckily there is wifi in the hotel.  Have my diet cokes, marlboro lights, a hot water bottle and i'm happy!  

After spending way too much time on the Omlet forum last night, I got to bed at 2am.  Woke up at 9.30 this morning, freezing cold.  Bad head, all cotton wool brains and feeling a bit worse for wear.  Too much diet coke and cookies I think.  Oh, and peanut M&Ms!!! *blush*

I have just ventured out into the cold unknown.  Scarf wrapped around my head as I had forgotten my beanie hat.  Its -8 out there!!!  How do these people live here??  It isn't even 'proper winter' for them yet!  Went to a supermarket and got a sandwich and a yoghurt for dinner, i know how to live, don't I?! A small danish pastry (should that be Finnish pastry)? for dessert.  Jam and custard so at least i get some of my 5 a day from the jam. 

Back in my room now, with the aircon on 28oC, still wearing a scarf, as my nose has frost bite.  Feet like lumps of ice.  I was only out there for 20 mins.  Sipping on a Lemsip now.  Thought I had finished on those for the year but guess not.  Only one more day at work and then i'm off for 4 days.   Hope this foggy head has gone by then.  I have so much to do.

The spare bed in the office is covered with presents that need wrapping.  We are going to a Christmas party on Saturday night, so will have to wrap those pressies before then. 
Jase is back to work on Monday and I am back on Wednesday, so I have to get up early and crack on with all things festive.
Not one decoration is up.  The outbuilding and garage have been festooned with white lights.   Very cheery as you pull into the drive.  

It is now 2pm and it is dark outside.  It wasn't light until 11am this morning.  The Finns must suffer from SAD.  As well as frost bite. 

Pick up is at 4.10AM tomorrow but it is just one flight home.  Thank God, as I don't think I could cope with getting up at 3am and having to do more than one round of sanwiches!!!!
Will hopefully be home by 11am and will pop out and see the girls.  

Jase should be home tonight from Geneva.  The Geneva passengers are a pleasant bunch.  If you like stuck up, precious wannabe's.  "Hang my coat, I cannot fold it into the locker, it will crease".  Have you ever seen a mink with creases in its fur?  I won't hang fur coats.  I tell them I have an allergy.  

Time to refill my hot water bottle,  the feeling is starting to return to my thighs.


  1. Peanut M&M's?? Where have you been hiding those? Hope you saved me some.

  2. Hey Hun!

    sorry long time no speak! Just read all your entrys!

    You have been a busy Boy!

    Hope yuou and Jase and the NEW gals are good.

    Love and Seasons Greetings,

    Laura and Seth xxx


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