Sunday, December 16, 2007

Finally Wrapping!

We went to a Christmas Dinner Party last night at a friend's house.  Very Danish fare.  Several courses and I mean several!  We started with pickled herring, with a cold curried sauce, then prawns, tuna mousse and bread.  Next came fried plaice fillets with home made remoularde, boiled eggs and tomato, more bread.  Sausages, meat balls, potato salad, pate with bacon to nearly finished us off, but not quite!  

Each course was accompanied by a shot of Danish schnapps!!  Luckily I was driving, so stuck to diet coke.

A creamy almond dessert with a warm cherry sauce, tipped us finally!!!  The dessert had blanched almonds in, but there was only one which was completely whole.  The others has a slight nick in them.  The winner of a prize had to find the whole almond!  I won this year!! 3 jars of delicious chutney and a lovely bottle of chillis and garlic in vinegar.  They have pride of place in the kitchen now.  It was a really fun evening as it is every year!  

We got home at 4.40 this morning and I was up at 7.30 to let the girls out.  I wandered out bleary eyed,  with a steaming jug of hot water to defrost their water troughs.  Dressed to kill in my blue dressing gown and green wellies.  

As all 5 had shared the same eglu, they shot out the door like a cannon.  A mass of flying feathers, straight to the food!  A tiny dark brown Elsbeth egg was waiting for me in the nest box.  Bless her!

I wasn't saying 'bless her' when she cleared the five foot fence around their run today!  Armed with a pair of scissors, I managed to trim her wing and Winifreds.  Prudence, who saw what was happening, made a dash for it and hid under the privet hedge!

We started wrapping presents tonight.  Tv off and carols on the speakers!  1/4 way there and i will finish the rest off tomorrow as Jase is at work.  

Off to bed now as i'm hanging!!  

Jingle bells, jingle bells.........

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  1. Don't forget the Smoked Salmon course too! I'll not have to eat until Christmas Day after all that!


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