Sunday, December 09, 2007

When Will The Rain Stop????

My friend Clara visited us from Londinium on Friday night, and we sat in the lounge with a roaring fire and Waitrose nibbles.  Lovely to see her and catch up.
I made a victoria sandwich with bramble jelly and fresh cream.  Well, I say victoria sandwich, more of a sponge frisbee.  The filling was thicker than the sponge!!  Not enough eggs to make another one as we have given so many away.  On Sunday last week we had over 30 eggs, today we have 4! 

Yesterday was the day I held my hen keeping course.  Warm,
 sunny morning replaced with torrential rain for most of the day.  Mrs K arrived and we started on the chicken chat!  We couldn't put off the inevitable drenching any longer, so ventured outside.  
With a brolly in one hand and a chicken in the other, i explained the basics of hen health!!  Strange experience in the pouring rain. 

   I received an email from her yesterday, thanking me.  Lucky lady, private tuition and all! *wink*
I have signed up to hold another course in January and wouldn't mind doing one per month in my part time week.

I also made some 'spiced' nuts as a stocking filler for a Christmas present.  Bet you are all hoping its you! 
A couple of bags of mixed nuts, chilli powder and cumin all lightly roasted together, cooled and put in a nice jar!

I still have so much to do, but am back to work tonight for a 3 day trip to Berlin and Duesseldorf.  Home late on Tuesday night, then off to Helsinki for 3 days on Wednesday.  
I will have to separate the girls into their appropriate runs later.  Handful of mixed corn, wellies and pack-a-mac will be needed.  I wonder if Elsbeth and Winifred will mind the blue eglu with smaller run for a couple of days?  What am I talking about, they are chickens!

Shirley was quite good when I picked her up yesterday.  She didn't struggle too much with the embarrassment of showing off her 'bits' to a stranger!  It was all done in the interests of research, showing Mrs K a healthy vent!!!  She later gave me evil looks at the indignity of it all!! (Shirley not Mrs K)!!

Right, off to get organised for later, packing to do.  Washing, tidying and general blitz of the house.  Clean out the girls in the pouring rain, deep joy, top up their food and then write some Christmas cards!   
C x x


  1. Please could you post the instructions for the nuts?

  2. 500g of mixed nuts
    1 tsp of ground chilli powder
    1 tsp of cumin
    a slosh of oil to fry the whole lot together

    Heat the oil and spices and add the nuts
    Stirring to coat

    Transfer to a shallow dish and pop in the oven 180C for 20 mins until golden brown.
    Cool and place into jars.

    So easy and tastes divide.
    Thanks to Cinnamon for the recipe!

    Hope you like it Caro!

  3. Thanks Christian - can't wait to try it.

  4. Christian, your sponge looks lovely. Proper home made sponges are meant to be like that, it's only the shop bought ones full of goodness knows what that are very deep. (Honestly, Delia says so).

    Really glad your Course went well, think you're very brave holding it in this foul (or "fowl" ha ha ha) weather.

    Good luck for January!


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